A good day!

A good day!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

What Have We Become?

This is something that has been weighing on my heart for the past year. It started when my husband and I left our home church of 15 yrs for reasons we thought were sound. We wanted to grow and felt like we weren't anymore. Worship was dull and lifeless. Discipleship and fellowship seemed to be forgotten. So we left.

It was then that God intervened.

He unmasked the truth. And the truth was we were consumed with self. It stopped being about Him. When God gave us that revelation, we were grieved and even wept. We saw what we had become and it was disturbing. We became ticks that needed to be fed, filled, entertained, happy, and encouraged. And we are not alone...

We quickly repented and returned to our home church. We returned with a new understanding of church and Jesus and ourselves.

Church is not where we go to receive a blessing. It is not where we go to be entertained with programs, functions, parties, or even to get filled. It is where we go to give back to God. It is where we go to worship Him with all we have even if the music is off or dull. It is where we go to bless God. To praise Him and intercede for others. It is where we encourage others without seeking ourselves to be encouraged in return. It is not about us.

The consumer mentality we have as a society has flooded the church. We now are full of Christians who if not satisfied with the music, leave, if bugged by someone, leave, if there are not enough classes to help us grow, leave, if the temperature of the room is not quite right, leave, if the donuts are stale, leave, if the sermon is too harsh, leave, etc.

We have every opportunity to grow at home in God's word, but do we take it? It seems most do not when we seek to grow at church instead of giving back. We can receive a blessing in our home, but do we seek it out? It seems we attend church to get blessed instead.

So many churches fall prey to entertaining the congregation to keep them interested and attending. There are egg hunts, Lularoe parties, fashion shows, and even slumber parties. It quite frankly makes me angry. God's house is not the place for that...not even during the week.

The church in Acts certainly does not look like this. They endured hardship and did not leave when things got hard or did not go the way they expected. They laid it all down to follow Him. They did not have a consumer mentality. They had unity and strength. When they got together for church, they worshiped together, ate together, and encouraged one another. They didn't self indulge with frivolous things that had no impact on the Kingdom. They never lost focus.

When you head to church Sunday, please think about the reason you are going. Are you going to receive a blessing and get filled or are you going to give your all to Him, bless Him, and worship Him? Is the music off? Worship with all your heart anyway. Is the sermon hard to hear? Listen anyway.

God wants us to see what we have become and change our hearts back to it being about Him. He wants us to take our focus off of self and put it back on Him. He wants us to step out of the flesh and into the spirit...


Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It happened. I didn't want it to. I thought I was stronger than that. But, looking back, I see that I let it happen.

For several months now I have not been feeling myself. I have been irritable, anxious, intolerant, angry, smug, and overwhelmed.

I gave satan a foothold. I gave him an inroad.

I am probably like many of you. Checking my Facebook every morning...you know, the "newspaper" we read first thing to see the latest happenings with our friends and family. Only it's not that anymore. It's become a cesspool of politics, anger, greed, self indulgence, how to fake your life for the world to see...so much is not even real anymore. It's exhausting trying to wade through it all to find some sort of truth, to find something real...Oh there is the occasional scripture I come across, but even then it is a photo of a scripture that is either taken out of context or from a translation that isn't even close to the real meaning.

But, I look anyway. Everyday. Several times a day.

And do you know what happened?

I changed. Every sad post, every lie, every heartbreaking scene, every "how to eat" post, every political post, etc seared it's way into my vulnerable empathetic brain...and festered.

I let the cares of this world choke out the Word of God. I did that by methodically opening Facebook and reading, looking, contemplating everything my eyes scrolled past. I began to allow every negative thing I saw grow until it began to change my attitude in a negative way. And how could it not?

The Word had become unfruitful. *cue brokenness*

Mark 4:19 says
"and the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things entering in choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful."
I had strangled myself by choking the Word and allowing it to become unfruitful in my life. I have awakened to what is going on and enough is enough! I have to limit the vehicle that is delivering so much of the "cares of this world." I have to put a severe limit to Facebook. I will only be using it for my ministry, posting, and my homestead things. I will not be scrolling through my news feed anymore. I simply cannot. I apologize in advance for whatever I miss.

The Word MUST become fruitful again in my life. It is too important to me. He is too important to me. I cannot focus on the Kingdom if I am tangled in thorns. I will be strangled no longer! I encourage you if you have been strangled, to let go of the cares of this world and again let the Word become fruitful in your life. Be mindful of what your focus is on...


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Redneck Walkway

The path from the house to the chicken coop can get very swampy and muddy when the weather gets wetter. It gets really messy. I finally decided I was tired of it. We had some old pallets laying around that weren't being used for anything else yet, so I decided to make a walkway.

We had some ruts from a bobcat we filled in with useless dirt (bagged dirt I bought thinking I would use it for plants...terrible stuff) Anyway, I then just laid out the pallets and wahlah...a redneck walkway. 😁



It'll do for now...


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