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Is Dairy Dangerous?

You know the slogan. Milk does a body good. Well, no, not really.

Dairy has been shown to have a negative affect on endothelial cells. This cell layer is a one cell thick lining of all of our blood vessels. Endothelial cells manufacture a protective molecule of gas called nitric oxide, which protects our blood vessels. It keeps our blood flowing smoothly, it is the strongest dilator of our blood vessels, it inhibits the formation of blockages, and it inhibits inflammation.

Dairy, along with all animal products, damage that layer of endothelial cells in our blood vessels. Without that functioning layer, nitric oxide cannot be produced. Without enough nitric oxide, the plaque blockages build up eventually creating heart disease and strokes.

Dairy is loaded with hormones. Even if you buy organic milk without recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), it will still have high hormone levels. Why? Because dairy cows are always kept pregnant so they have lots of circulating hormones that pass to…

Delicious Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies (dairy free, egg free)

My favorite healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe! Gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free, and egg free! But, NOT flavor free! These are sooo good! 1 1/4 c almond flour
scant 1/2 t salt
1/4 t baking soda
1/4 c honey (can use maple syrup if you prefer)
1/8 c organic canola oil
1 t vanilla
scant 1/2 c chocolate chips (I use Enjoy dairy free) Mix oil, honey, and vanilla. Then throw in rest of the ingredients and mix well. Use small cookie scoop or teaspoon and roll into ball and place on cookie sheet. Bake 350 for 9 minutes.

Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls

Everyone loves a delicious breakfast that will get you through the morning without wanting to kill someone by early afternoon. These do the trick. No one likes to be hangry!

These are super simple and full of wonderful nutrition. Chia is high in Omega 3's and 1 T can provide 2500 mg. It also has protein, fiber, calcium, and iron.You can customize them to your liking. As always, use organic ingredients when possible.

1/2 T to 1 T chia seeds
1 cup almond milk or other nut milk (use organic milk if not dairy free)
Let this sit for 15 minutes. Why? Chia needs to hydrate to from that lovely gel around it. If you eat chia dry, it can cause constipation and dehydration as the chia will hydrate themselves by absorbing fluids inside you instead.

In the meantime, prepare other ingredients. Cut up banana or other fresh fruit. Gather your toppings.
After your chia mixture has soaked, add in 1/4 c to 1/2 c quick oats and stir. Top with fresh fruit and desired toppings. This particular bowl has banan…

Pecan Waffles (dairy free, egg free, oil free)

Guys, can I just say how amazing these are?! I have made regular waffles in the past and these are SO much better than those AND they're healthy! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You need to give them a try. You won't regret it! I topped mine with a homemade blueberry sauce. As always, use organic ingredients when possible.
Pecan Waffles (dairy free, egg free, oil free) 2 c unbleached flour 1/2 c whole wheat flour  1 T baking soda 1/2 t salt 4 T evaporated cane juice 1/2 c pecans 4 T applesauce 2 1/2 c almond milk or other dairy free milk 1 T vanilla
Whisk wet ingredients together then dump in the dry. Mix well. Fold in pecans. I use 1/3 c of batter in my waffle maker. Cook in waffle maker for 5 min on medium. Enjoy! Makes about 14 smaller waffles depending on size of you maker.