All the pretty leaves that I loved are dwindling down to bare trees. It's getting colder and the wood stove goes just about everyday now. Pretty soon we'll be hunkered down for the winter. I can't believe how fast this year has gone...

I don't have to tell you how short life is. I'm sure you already know...Can I encourage you to take each moment and treasure them. Even the spats. Harsh words may be spoken, but at least they are spoken by the one (s) you love. Life is so precious. Soak in every ounce of your loved ones. Listen to them. Touch them. Hug them. Kiss them. Help them. Look at them. Enjoy them.

May we not forget that life is not about hustle and bustle, but being with the ones you love and sharing life with them. Learning from each other, supporting each other, and loving each other. Love is one of the BEST gifts we have been given. It's meant to share. :)

Hold your loved ones tight and if you can't physically, hold them close in your heart.

Love: Love Simply, Simply Love


  1. Thanks so much for that reminder, it's true, what would do do without our loved ones? They are a gift and a blessing that we shouldn't take for granted. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yes! even those far away can be held close! I get lonesome whenever I spend too much time watching just how close other families are to each other. Even troubled words could be smoothed out where there is love and Gods healing. amen!

  3. Beautiful post and a beautiful new look for your blog!


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