A good day!

A good day!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Morning!

We had great sleeping weather here last night! It was nice and cool outside after having a whole week of near 100's. Cool breezes swept across the bed. It was just sooo nice. :) I slept like a rock!

The day seems to be a busy one. I have things to do at church this morning, the feed store, grocery store, and then to get bedding for the coop. It's beautiful outside and should be good for errands. I have no air conditioning in my car so it's usually a bit rough. Not today. :)

I spoke to my Mennonite friend, Esther, Saturday on the phone. She had left a message in my front door on Wednesday, but I didn't find it until Saturday. She comes to town every Wednesday to tutor at the women's prison in town. She goes by my turn off every time and says a little prayer for me when she does. I am going to see her next week sometime. It should be interesting. I haven't really talked to her since I stopped wearing a headcovering and dress/skirt. I'm interested in what she has to say. She is older and wise and has a lot of good advice for life. For those of you that never knew me when I covered here is a picture.

And after. :)

I pray everyone has a blessed day and to remember John 8:32 :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

A few pics from around the homestead...

It was such a pretty day that I thought I'd take a few pics from around the homestead. It's incredibly hot here, but at least it hasn't rained this week and my husband has been able to work everyday. Summer is a wonderful time of year and it's just getting started. lol.

This is one of my hostas.

This is one of my lillies.

These are some of the blackberries turning.

This is Ooster and one of his ladies. ;)

And last but not least, the cat that adopted us. lol. It's not really ours, but it's here all day and we feed her. But, she's not really ours. Really. We would never admit to having a cat. Even if it was just a mouser. ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lesson 6 on biblical submission...

Proverbs 31:11 - Beautiful Truth is Beautiful Trust

Pictured above is a unique flower called, "Beautiful Truth". It was discovered in South Korea by Song Kihun (the grower) who named this rare beauty after his beloved daughter. Although extremely delicate in appearance, with it's strap-like petals that are only a 1/4" thick, it is a very hardy flower that is also very well behaved...unlike others of it's species. This is one of the distinct qualities that make this exceptionally beautiful flower so treasured by it's gardener's!

As I happened upon this photo today, I was intrigued by the design of this flower. I'd never seen nor heard of it before. I found it very interesting that the petals looked like delicate ribs that wrap around the "heart" of the flower where the sweet nectar is. This little flower peaked my interest enough that I began looking up it's history, how it grows, where it grows and if it'll grow in my garden. In my research, I found it is much like a Biblically submissive woman - beautifully delicate in appearance, but grows very strong and hardy and is well behaved, which blesses her Gardener.

I don't know if many of you garden, but I do, and I simply love it! I've learned some of my greatest lessons from the Lord while I was gardening and have had some of the most humbling, awe-inspiring, sweet quiet times, with my Creator, that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

One of the lessons God taught me while gardening was that the Gardener knows all it's plants the best! The Gardener knows which plants He planted, which ones are weeds (but just look like plants to passer-byers), which plants need much water, little water, more sun...well, you get the picture. And the Gardener also knows exactly when each plant needs to be pruned!

I remember when I first pruned one of my plants, I thought I did something wrong because a white milky substance began to flow out of it. I was afraid and began to pray and asked God to help me "fix" my mistake. He gently told me that I hadn't made a mistake, but that the plant was "bleeding" and it was okay because it would heal. I pruned and pruned until my plant looked nearly dead...but I, the gardener knew it wasn't. It was ugly, had no shape, and well, looked like it should be pulled up because it looked so useless...but I knew better. I even had a couple of people offer to pull it out for me because they thought it was dead!

I didn't think it looked as ugly as other people did. I actually thought it looked quite beautiful! I could see what it was going to be as it matured. I could see larger leaves, larger and more fragrant flowers and a multitude of blooms that will give it such a beautiful color that those who pass by won't be able to help themselves as they stop and take in the essence of it's invigorating fragrance that can be smelled from four houses down. They'll stand there thinking, "It looks like an ordinary flower, but there's just something about it...the soothing, sweet aroma; the extraordinary vibrant hue of it's petals - what is it? I can't put my finger on it, but I can't help but be attracted to it's quiet beauty."

It's during these times I catch someone and run outside with my flower clippers and offer to cut some for them to take home. When they talk to me about my garden, and why they were attracted to it, I share with them that it's all for Christ. I tell them that I want everyone who walks by my house to sense the inexplicable serenity and joy that comes from knowing Christ. I consider my garden as a "bait" to catch some "fish" so I can share the Gospel. I've met many friends this way and have been so grateful for my garden God has so generously allowed me to work and enjoy.

So what does all this have to do with Proverbs 31 verse 11? Well, as I looked upon this unique flower today, "Beautiful Truth", I thought of why a husband's heart would have such trust in his wife that he would have no lack of gain. And it's all wonderfully wrapped up in this flower.

A Biblically submissive wife, is like this Beautiful Truth flower. She's delicate in appearance, but is very hardy and strong. She grows without being overbearing by overtaking the other flowers in the garden (like others of her kind) - she is "well behaved", she practices self-control. (Titus 2:3-5) She's shaped by her Gardener and grows in the fashion He chooses. She doesn't mind being pruned, though it is painful, causing her to "bleed", because she trusts that her Gardener is pruning her to help her grow more fragrant and vibrant with larger flowers. The pruning actually makes her stronger (Hebrews 12:11). She doesn't mind looking "ugly" from time to time because her full trust is in her Gardener - not in herself or others. She's more concerned with the growth that's happening in the secret places no one else but her Gardener can see. And this gives her peace, especially when the storms come and beat down on her, or during the droughts when the sun threatens to dry up all she has. During storms our droughts, her roots grow deeper and deeper into the soil, as she firmly embeds herself into her strong Foundation - the Lord Jesus Christ, for He alone is her Refuge.

No wonder the heart of a husband who's blessed with this kind of wife has full trust in her and has no lack of gain. He trusts her because he knows she will not gossip about him to others (1 Timothy 5:13), his interests are hers, his desires come before hers, and his welfare is her joy (Ephesians 5:24, Philippians 2:3-4) She does not squander his money, nor look upon others with envy. She is fully satisfied in the LORD. She is grateful and humbled that God has been mindful of her and provides for her every need and even graces her with plenty (Ruth 2:10). Though her husband may or may not strive to be a man who loves her as Christ loves the Church, her husband does not worry, because he knows her full trust and joy is in Jesus Christ, not in him or any other person. Therefore he is free to know Christ (if he's not saved), and one day, endeavor to love her as Christ commanded all husbands.

He is well aware that he is her second love and Christ her first. She is firmly established in her Savior alone and therefore is not easily shaken by circumstances around her, for her hope is in the LORD, not in the comforts of this life (Psalm 16:8-9). She is fully aware that her Father God is good, sovereign and trustworthy and does all things for her good, by conforming her daily into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:28-29). She makes her mark in this world and many take notice of her. Not because she is the most beautiful, not because she is the loudest, proudest or strongest. No, she is well esteemed because she allows her good conduct to prove her work done in the meekness of wisdom (James 3:13) with gentleness and a quiet spirit, faithfully doing good without fear of anyone or anything except God her Father (1 Peter3:4 & 6). And yes, even others of her kind (other women) take notice of her, for her peaceful joy and quiet confidence in Christ, speaks louder than any words that can ever come from her lips.

WOW! I can't wait to be a woman like that!!! Can you? Will you journey with me?

Gracious Lord God in Heaven, hallowed be Your holy name! May all praise and glory be to You and You alone, as You alone are worthy Father! My sisters and I were once far off. Our hearts were darkened and we were vile, wretched souls before Your eyes. But in Your mercy, You looked upon us with compassion and You suffered Your one and only Son, that we may enter Your presence without shame and fear of condemnation. You accepted us when we were unacceptable, because we humbled ourselves and repented of all our sins. Because our hope was in You and You alone, You heard our cry for help and You saved our souls by washing us in the blood of Your holy Lamb, Jesus Christ, our Lord! Thank You Father that we can come before You and not die! Thank You gracious and generous LORD for making us Your daughters! Now make us LORD women that fear you more than life itself. Make us women who will not be tossed by the waves of society or any pretension and thought that sets itself up against You! But let us captivate every thought and make it obedient to Your Son! Our full trust is in You, not in our husbands or any other man, for You alone are perfect! I commit to humble myself and submit to my husband today to demonstrate the fullness of my trust in You and You alone! Your Word will never fail me as I rejoice in Your presence! Recieve my praise and grant me my request O Lord, for You alone are my Provider and my First Love! May the name of Jesus Christ forever be praised, in whose name I come. Amen.

Am I like that flower she talks about? Maybe sometimes. But, I would like to be like that more often. It's wonderful to have a picture in your mind of what a biblically submissive wife can look like. I just picture that flower in my mind and hopefully the actions it represents will come out. I love my husband and I want to do the best I can. But, I love the Lord more and want to please Him. By being biblically submissive to my husband, I am doing just that. I like the pruning picture she gives, too. It may seem like God is cutting too much off, but He knows how much needs to be cut in order for us to grow strong and healthy. He knows best and we are but a speck of dirt. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lesson 5 on biblical submission...

Proverbs 31:10 Morsel to Chew On

"The woman described here is of priceless value. She has physical strength, mental strength, moral strength and spiritual strength. Above all she loves God deeply and reverently. She is characterized in this section six ways, and I'll point them out to you as we just look together at the Scripture...six ways. Her character as a wife, her devotion as a homemaker, her generosity as a neighbor, her influence as a teacher, her effectiveness as a mother and her excellence as a person...the sum of all of that makes the excellent wife. And I might add that this is no woman in particular but this is the woman that every woman should seek to emulate. She is rare, look at verse 10, an excellent wife...by the way, the word excellent in Hebrew means force, a woman of force, a woman of substance, a woman of strength would be another way to characterize her. It's excellent in the sense of her strength spiritually, morally, mentally, physically. She is a woman of substances. She is a woman who has made a dent in society. She is one who makes a difference. There's a force about her life. This kind of wife, he says, who can find? Very rare. Hard to find this kind of woman."
Did you know that the Hebrew word used for "excellent" in Proverbs 31:10 is "khah'-yil"?

Khah'-yil means: strength, might, efficiency, a force (like an army). Interesting, isn't it? That the first thing that's mentioned about the Proverbs 31 woman is that she is strong, she is efficient, she is a force.

Unfortunately, in today's society and even in evangelical churches, the term "submissive wife" is often thought of as enslavement, entrapment or viewed as something vulgar. It is often described as an archaic perception of women and threatens the very "rights for freedom" women have so diligently fought for since the 1960's. But none of these views are accurate of the Biblically submissive wife. As you can see by definition, an excellent wife is no man's pawn, no man's doormat, is not mousy, nor is she an idiot unfit to do anything but be "barefoot and pregnant".

No, a Biblically submissive wife is exactly what God intended her to be: strong, mighty, efficient and a force to be reckoned with - against Satan, not against her husband.

Any woman who acknowledges the truth of a Biblically submissive woman would never shrink back or think twice about attaining such a great honor. Instead she would readily recognize the power God has already given her, instead of listening to Satan's empty lies, like he offered Eve - to give her what she already possessed, great intellect (because she was intimate with God), and great influence over her husband (that's why Adam also ate). Eve didn't have influence over Adam after the Fall, she already had it...that's what caused the Fall. Let us not follow her example, but as daughters of God, let us surely learn from it!

Oh dearly beloved sisters, daughters of the one and only God Most High, heed the word of our Lord and do not be deceived by our enemy, the devil who entices you to wield your strength, your might, your efficiency and force that our Father God has graciously bestowed upon you to strike your own bodies, your own head, your own husbands. But let us instead armor ourselves with the armor of God and wield our influence over our husbands for the glory of God through Biblical submission and strike Satan, our adversary.

Remember, the intellect and great knowledge God has granted you was given to you to fight against our enemy, Satan so that you will not be deceived by any of his schemes. Your intellect and great knowledge was not given to you so you could lord it over your husbands.

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing to You, our gracious Lord God, our Rock and our Redeemer. And may we, as Your daughters who call You Father through our Savior, Jesus the Christ only speak words that are a benefit to our husbands according to their needs, not what we think they need. May Satan tremble at the sight of your submissive daughters, aware that we are storming the gates of Hell and taking back what was lost in the Garden - the oneness of a husband and wife. May what You LORD brought together, never again be separated! Not on our watch! Every victory in Jesus Christ alone! AMEN

"Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear."
~Ephesians 4:29~
wielding my tongue to bring life, not death

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's day fishing...

Yesterday we went fishing for Father's Day with some friends. My husband really likes to fish and he hasn't gotten to do it the past few years. I enjoy it, too. Most times. lol. It's better with friends. My son is starting to enjoy it, too. He catches bluegill and has learned to take them off the hook.

I had a pretty good time, too! I caught a lot of bluegill. But, I like the action. lol. I'm not much for fishing for catfish, unless I just want to rest. :)

But, I have to say, this was the best part of the day! Be still my beating heart! I need some butter for those buns! ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

A speck of dirt...

As I was driving down the road the other day, I looked over at a farmer's field. This is what was whispered in my ear.

I am like a speck of dirt in a farmer's field. I can't see anything but my immediate area or maybe just my whole field. I can't see the next field over.

God has a pilot's view and can see my field, the surrounding fields, and the WHOLE world. He knows best. He can see what's coming in the next field over before I can.

When I can't see the next field over, I can't understand why things are happening the way they are. So I get frustrated. Then there are times when I can see the next field over and then I get scared. :) In BOTH situations, I just need to TRUST. That is a very hard thing for me to do. Why? Not sure. We serve a great big God. Sometimes I forget that. His point of view is soooo much greater than ours. I just need to remember that I am a speck of dirt and He sees all, knows best, and His will is perfect even if we don't understand it because we can't see past our field.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lesson 4 on biblical submission...

Proverbs 31:10 - More Precious Than Jewels

(Photo of Hope Diamond taken by Dane Penland
of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.)

An excellent wife is very hard to find. Her rare, inner beauty is so exquisite, that she alone (on earth) can have the greatest influence on her husband. The gentle and quiet spirit (biblical submission) of an excellent wife also captures the heart of the Lord God Almighty who not only deems her submissiveness as her greatest strength, but finds her inner strength, most precious in His sight (I Peter 3:1-6).

The definition of excellence is "to possess outstanding quality, superior, surpassing others with good qualities". But what is God's standard of excellence? We find it in! Corinthians 12:31b

"And I will show you a still more excellent way."

The above Scripture verse proceeds the most noted, quoted and often used in wedding ceremonies - 1 Corinthians 13, also known as the "Love Chapter". 1Corinthians 13 goes into much detail of God's agape love, which through Christ we find is first and foremost, submissive to the will of the Father with great love and humility (Phillipians 2:5-8). No wonder God finds this rare quality in a wife so precious in His sight. She (a Biblically submissive wife) is the best paradigm of Christ's love and submission to God the Father (1 Corinthians 11:3). And we know as daughters' of the Most High God, there is no human being who's ever lived that is more precious in God's sight, than His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Just imagine sisters this great gift God has set before us! Our gracious Lord and God has given us the privilege to exemplify the most perfect expression of love ever known to mankind - Jesus Christ! What is your response?

As Scripture says, Jesus was equal with God (He was perfect, pure and without sin), but did not consider equality with God something to be grasped or used the aspects of His deity to work His will (as a man), but submitted to the will of the Father in all things. As daughters of God, and co-heirs with Christ, we have the same opportunity set before us. We are "equal" with our husbands in that we have the same value in God's eyes and we are equal sinners. But only wives have the incredible opportunity to model Christ's relationship to God by willingly and lovingly submitting to her husband who is equal to her because they are both sinners, and both fall short of God's glory.

Homework (journal your answers):

Based on your memorization of Psalm 139:23-24 & Psalm 19:14 from last week, make a two column list:
  • Column 1 - all the sins God revealed to you that you must crucify
  • Column 2- Scripture verses to help you when tempted with each sin you listed
Once you've completed the list, you should:
  1. Only work on one sin pattern at a time or you'll be overwhelmed
  2. Find all the Scripture verses that note and/or shows examples of Christ's submission to God.
  3. From your two column list of sins to crucify, take the first sin pattern you intend to crucify this week and write down an action item or items you will intentionally pursue to achieve this week (i.e., not nagging, speaking more kindly and supportively to my husband, not speaking harshly or critically of my husband to or in front of the children, make him lunch w/love notes [not lessons], etc.) For more ideas or questions, feel free to contact me.
A thought to ponder:

Remember it was a woman (Madalyn Murray O'Hair) who demanded Bible reading and prayer in schools to become illegal. Remember it was a woman (in Roe v. Wade) who was the catalyst to legalizing the murder of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies. It is a well known fact that the only thing that can take down a spiritually and physically strong man is an unbiblically submissive wife. Don't believe me? Ask Samson.

Choose each day which song your heart will sing. Will you sing the words that Helen Reddy wrote calling God, "she" to demonstrate her power and her liberty from being under a man's authority in the 1970's when she sang:

"I am woman, hear me roar...
I am woman
I am invincible
I am strong
I am woman!"

Or will you use the inner beauty, the inner strength of a gentle, quiet and submissive wife who fears the LORD and trusts Him for all things and sing from your heart:

"I am woman, watch me hide....
In Christ alone,
To change the tides
Of this country,
I will stride
With Christ my Savior,
I am His bride!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lesson 3 on biblical submission...

Difference Between Submission and Obedience

submit (v): 1) to give over or yield to the power or authority of another; 2) to present for the approval, consideration, or decision of another or others: to submit a plan; to submit an application;

obey (v): 1) to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of; 2) to comply with or follow (a command, restriction, wish, instruction, etc.).

As you can see, by definition, submission is a far greater thing than obedience.

Submission requires love, respect and a wiling yield to another. Obedience on the other hand doesn't require any personal relationship between the one giving the "command" and the one obeying the command.

For example, a Private in an army might obey his Commanding Officer, but may also hate and disrespect his Commanding Officer by talking negatively behind his back or even plotting to do evil. The Private's motivation to obey his Commanding Officer may be out of fear and self-protection or self-promotion. Either way, he is obeying only to improve his current situation, which is only self-centered.

But a Private who submits to his Commanding Officer will not only obey, but be a blessing to his Commanding Officer. This happens because submission requires a personal relationship, where mutual love and respect are shared.

While a wife may obey her husband, if she does not submit to him, they will have a marriage more like an orderly military company, rather than a loving and generous relationship with one another. A submissive wife not only brings order to her house, but she excels above a merely obedient wife by blessing her husband with the beauty of Christ - and everything pales in comparison to Christ.

I've often been asked, "But what does a submissive wife and obedient wife look like? Can you help me?" I sure can!

Here's what they look like:


I hope this made you smile. :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

My garage sale find...

I found this wonderful prize at a garage sale this weekend. It's a Schlemmertopf clay baker. I just love it!

This is the chicken meal before I baked it.

This is the meal after it was done. It browned so nicely. It browns with the lid on and the meat stays moist. It's really neat. You don't need any fats or oils or anything. Just put the meat in there. The house smells wonderful good! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bike ride...

My husband and I went on a bike ride with some friends through a conservation park. It was a wonderful ride until the very end. (more on that at the end). We saw some neat things this time such as the baby deer below.

We also saw a cute little squirrel while we were resting before riding back to where we started.

Then after this we went back to where we started and some people were having a little reenactment from the late 1700's. Well one guy decided he was going to wear chaps and a shirt and that's it. Nothing under the chaps. It was the grossest thing ever! I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure how he got away with his hiney hanging out. But the bike ride itself was good. :) Nice day, nice friends, and no sore muscles. :) And, no, I didn't get any pics of this. Thank goodness.

I hope you all are having a blessed day. I am. I am feeling pretty good today, which has been few and far between lately. So I am grateful for this day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some of our chickens...

These are some pictures that my son took. He really loves the Barred Rock rooster and the Buff Orpington hen. They are really gentle and fun to have. I can't wait until the girls start laying!

I know I keep saying this, but they are so much fun to have. I just love to hear the roosters crowing! It is just so wonderful. It brings down home, country living to mind.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lesson 2 on biblical submission...

I will probably have two lessons a week. These are very convicting and need to be "mulled" over. They need to be put into practice and that takes time. So I will have two lessons a week. If you miss one, just go to the yellow tab on the right side of my blog under "biblical submission."

This particular lesson was very convicting for me. Please pray for me as I realize how important the "rib" is in a marriage.

A Modern Day Rib in Action!

Yesterday we covered the make-up and the basic function of the rib. Where it is located on the man's body (by his side), the delicacy and strength of the rib and what it protects (heart and lungs).

Today we will discover what it looks like to be a modern day rib in action (in other words, a Biblically submissive wife living in a modern day world). And how this modern day "rib" protects her husband's:
  • Heart: his very life-blood, which is his vigor
  • Lungs: the air he breathes in and the air he breathes out


A man's heart yearns for his wife, her acceptance of him, her respect and most of all, her unwavering love and devotion. The world could hate your husband, his boss and/or his job could be horrible, his co-workers could spend all day mocking him and telling him how inept and stupid he is. But if he has a wife at home that sees him in truth, warts and all, yet loves him unconditionally with God's agape love, it's amazing how the world no longer has any affect on his vigor.

On the other hand, if the world loves your husband and he is praised and respected at work and in social circles, yet does not have the unconditional agape love, respect and support of his wife, he will grow weary, and begin to fail at everything. He will lose his vigor and sometimes, look to find another "rib" to replace the one that seems to be missing - causing a hole in his body, making his heart vulnerable to attack so that his heart can no longer function properly.

As women, we see our husbands as strong and not needing our acceptance. We feel like because we are the "weaker vessel" it is more important that we receive praise, acceptance and appreciation from our husbands without realizing that he needs ours to survive. Yes, his very life depends on his wife's protection. That's probably why widows live longer than widowers.

"While women who lose their husbands often speak of feeling abandoned or deserted, widowers tend to express the loss as one of "dismemberment," as if they had lost something that kept them organized and whole. The Harvard Bereavement Study, a landmark investigation of spousal loss that took place in the Boston area during the late 1960s, reported that widowers often equated the death of their wives with the loss of their primary source of protection, support, and comfort. This went to the very core of their overall sense of wellbeing.(emphasis added)

~The Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

One of the common habits we've grown accustomed to is nagging and quarreling with our husbands because we're sure we're right and they're wrong. While this may be true from time to time, nagging and quarreling is un-Biblical and contributes to "sucking the life" out of your husband, while feminizing him, causing him to "cave in". And with no protection from the rib, it's expected that a man's heart would cave in from all the pressures he faces daily. This is viewed as such a horrid thing in the sight of God that He has King Solomon mention it twice! (Proverbs 21:9 and 25:24).

A man depends on his lungs to breathe in air to provide oxygen to his heart, as well as exhaling air to remove carbon dioxide.

The rib was made to protect a man's lungs, so the man can be healthy and strong.

As wives, we are to protect the air our husbands breathe in and protect the air he breathes out. That means we protect our husbands atmosphere by prayerfully, truthfully and lovingly making our homes a place of restoration, peace and comfort for our husbands. As Biblically submissive wives, we ought to intentionally set out each day to bless our husbands with our words and acts of kindness. (Applications will be included in tomorrow's post)

We also need to actively protect the air our husbands breathe out. Just like us, our husbands are not perfect and will from time to time say something unkind, harsh or inappropriate to us, our children or to others. In the case that he speaks unkindly, harshly or inappropriately to you, with gentleness and love, tell him he's hurt your feelings. But this conversation should only take place in private. If it happens in public, simply say,"I'm sorry what I've done/said frustrated you. Please forgive me. What I can I do to help you?" Then prayerfully consider when God will provide you the time to speak with him privately. If your husband did not speak to you inappropriately, but did hurt your feelings, consider if what he said was an actual sin or a personal offense. If it was the latter, prayerfully consider overlooking the offense rather than expecting your husband to always behave in a manner which is pleasing to you - as I'm sure this is a great burden none of us can bear...that's why we have Jesus!

Speaking privately to your husband after much prayer, is always recommended over disrespecting him by publicly reproving him.

When others witness his unkind, harsh or inappropriate language, and they come to me to tell me how I "deserve better" or encouraging me to "stand up" for myself, this is what I say:

"Thank you for showing me your love. I truly appreciate you. But if you love me, I'm asking that you never approach me this way again. You see, I'm such a sinful woman, always ready to find fault in my husband and correct him that I really don't need any help sinning against God and my husband. So in the future, if you ever see my husband treat me inappropriately, please don't come to me about it or I may be tempted to sin. But show your love for me by praying for me instead. I don't need to stand up for myself because Jesus Christ has already stood up for me when He died on the Cross for me. He is my Defender, so go to Him, not me. Besides, I love my husband, just like Christ loves me - I'm imperfect and at times ungrateful and wicked. Thank you for your expressing your love for me. I love you too."
Now that the foundation has been laid and we are well aware of the purpose in which God intended for wives since the Garden, we'll begin our next lesson by discerning the difference between submission and obedience.

Here's a little personal story about this (optional reading):

I've carried this so far as not even tolerating other men to coarsely joke about my husband to me, as men so often do. Men often put each other down as a way of relating to one another, which is fine as long as they keep it amongst themselves. :-)

There was a time where the men who volunteered with my husband at our old church would say, "We always tell Jim how he married up! How in the world did a goofball like him get a wife like you?" I didn't answer very kindly, I said, "Well maybe you'd have a wife like me if you weren't such a jerk and more like my husband!" They told me it was just a joke and I told them that I didn't find any derogatory comments about my husband funny. I told them I have a great sense of humor, but I will never have a humor for that.

Later they went to my husband told them what happened and how I "jumped down" their throats when really they were just trying to pay me a compliment. He laughed and told them, "Yeah, she'll do that. She takes being my wife seriously. I'll talk to her."

My husband did speak to me about it and requested I not do that because they were only joking and really, they were just trying to pay my a compliment.

I responded with a great big smile, gentleness and love which I know was pleasing to God (because I'd already been in much prayer about this, I was prepared). I said, "I love you darling. And because I love you, I am respectfully declining your request. You see, what you just asked me to do was sin against God. You asked me to stop being what He commanded me to be as your wife. And I won't do it. I love you enough to strive to be the wife God created me to be. If the guys don't like it, I highly suggest you tell them if they want to be on good terms with me, they'll have to only say good things about you, or say nothing to me at all. God made us one and if someone puts you down, they're putting me down as well and I'll never see that as a compliment."

My husband smiled and laughed, then said, "You're right, I'll tell them." He did and they never did that again. As a matter of fact, they would come to speak to me often about what a blessing my husband has been to them. They'd tell me about the encouraging emails and funny jokes he'd share with them to bless their days.

It turned out to be a great blessing to me too, as I discovered more about what my husband does and how God uses him when I'm not around. I'm so grateful to know these wonderful things about my husband!

(Thank you Sunny for the lesson)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Biblical submission...

I'll be posting some things from this study. You can click on the box on the side of my page to do it yourself. It's pretty interesting and something I need to hear again. :)

The wife and the rib

God made man on the sixth day. And when He made the first man (Adam) and the first woman (Eve), they were the only ones of their kind in all creation. All of creation was spoken into existence, except for Adam and Eve. Adam was "formed" out of the dust of the earth and Eve was formed from one of the ribs from the man, Adam. That is why Adam said of Eve:

"This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man."

Have you ever wondered why God used the bone from the man's rib to form the woman? I have. I used to wonder why God didn't use a piece of bone from the man's head so the wife could be over her husband. Or why God didn't use a bone from the man's shoulder so the wife could have an equal role and duties as her husband. Why didn't God use a bone from the man's thumb so his wife could be under his constant pressure. And why didn't God use a bone from the man's foot so the wife could be used as a feeble and dirty doormat? Why did God use the rib?

We know that our God is a God of purpose and of order. Our God does nothing out of frivolity like many of us do. God does everything with the specific intent to work the good of all those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). What's the "good" you ask? It's not the "silver lining" in a bad situation, it's being conformed into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).

So, what's the deal with the wife and the rib? To find the answer, let's take a look at the make-up and function of the rib. The rib is:
  1. located on the man's side
  2. delicate, yet strong at the same time
  3. only covers the two most vital organs of man:
  • his heart
  • his lungs

Now, with what we know for certain about our awesome and purposeful God and with what we know about the make-up and function of the rib, we can see clearly why God used the rib out of the man to form the wife.

God used the rib to show both the man and the woman that the woman was made to be by the man's side. To walk alongside him, to bless, support and protect him, to be the closest thing to his heart. God made the woman delicate in nature (that's why we get our feelings hurt more easily than men and even get physically injured more easily than men). But we are also strong. We are stubborn (sometimes in a good way and sometimes bad). Our strength gives us the ability to fight for our families and all that we believe in. And last but not least, we protect the two most vital organs of man, his heart and lungs. The heart pumps the very life-blood of the man throughout his entire body and the lungs give the man the ability to have breath. Without these two organs or if either is injured, it is impossible for a man to function well and could even cause the man to die.

Therefore, we can clearly assess that the very life-blood of a husband, his vigor, all that he breathes in and breathes out is dependent on his wife's protection.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I almost ran the poor guy over on the way to the store today! We've been seeing them lately running around, but never really up close. He's got a nice beard. You know, if you went turkey hunting, you'd never see 'em. lol. They're just taunting us. That's ok. They're funny to watch run. Funnier than watching chickens run!

There were two of them.

The pictures aren't the best. I was hiding behind a fence post! lol. Sneaky. I know.

Bye, bye turkey. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Sandwhich Cookies...

I made these today for a cookout we are having at the house tonight. I wanted to make sure I'd have a dessert to eat that I knew was gluten free. These are wonderful! They require no flour, so they are fairly cheap to make and naturally gluten free. :) Try 'em!

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

(You may have to double this if you want several)
1c peanut butter
1 c sugar
1 egg

Mix this together. Roll into balls and press with fork. Bake 350 for 9-10 min.

6 oz cream cheese
1/2c peanut butter
1/4 t vanilla
1/3 c powdered sugar

Beat together. Spread on flat part of cookie when cookie is cool. Store in refrigerator. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Being blessed with a child with Asperger's and Chronic Tic Disorder...

Hunter started having facial tics when he was about 3. I didn't think anything about them. He had eye squinting and also a facial grimace. It wasn't until years later I realized it was here to stay.

He has always been quirky. When he was little he would line up his cars with the wheels lined up precisely and wouldn't feel comfortable until he did so. He always had one thing he would know everything about and talk about it constantly. At 2, he knew his alphabet and could recognize the letters. At 4, he learned to read. At 5, he taught himself Math using the Hungry Hippo game marbles. He would put some in one pile and put some others in another pile and then add them up. So at 5, we started homeschooling him. (have ever since) He has done wonderful! One exception has been Math this year. He struggles with visualizing how to do a problem. So long division was a little hard for him. We are continuing that through the summer.

He was diagnosed with Asperger's last year, I believe. He has some difficulties socially. He doesn't reciprocate a conversation or usually start one. He doesn't look most people in the eye. The conversation can be one sided and he cannot "read" people's faces very well. He also doesn't understand figures of speech all the time. BUT, he is fully aware of his Asperger's and has decided to overcome it as much as possible. He tries not to overpower a conversation with the subject he is interested in, but tries to listen to the other person. He asks what the meaning of the figures of speech are, etc. We work with him to help him understand life around him. He does very well.

He is very technology oriented. He LOVES his ipod touch. He is fascinated with it and could spend the whole day looking at it. Of course he is limited on it, but it has been very educational for him. He has a lot of apps on there that are full of facts, need fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, etc. He's known how to run a computer since he was 2 or 3. He is very intelligent. :) Technology is his niche. He loves it.

He also has Chronic Tic Disorder. This sometimes comes along with Asperger's. He has several tics such as head jerk, full body tics, leg tics, etc. They annoy him at times, but he has learned to live with them. In fact, there have been several people he looks up to that he has noticed has tics also. He is not alone. :) He will have tics the rest of his life.

We manage both his Asperger's and tics with natural remedies. He nor we want him to be on prescription medication due to side effects, etc. He takes True Calm and Calcium and Magnesium. True calm has GABA, Inositol, and Taurine, which are amino acids that help calm the nervous system. Calcium and Magnesium are natural neurosystem calmers. This helps lessen his tics. They are still there, but they are manageable and easy to live with. This is the best combination we have tried. Some things we tried, made his tics worse. It's trial and error. :)
We are so blessed to be parents of this 11 yr old young man. He has been such a delight! He is so sweet and has the biggest heart I know. He has a burden for kids that are "different." He loves animals! He is so smart and loves to talk. :) He also cares for the environment. He learns a lot that we don't always catch and he's quick to tell us when we are not doing our part to be "green." lol. He is very well behaved and minds his authorities. (although his chatter can sometimes get him in hot water during youth church lol) Our hearts burst with love for him and we are just honored that the Lord has allowed us to raise such a blessing as this!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Morning!

It's such a peaceful morning here in central Illinois. The birds are chirping and there is a slight breeze. It's so nice to sit and look out the window at the country and the animals scurrying about. I love to see little peeks of sunshine shimmering on the leaves on the trees. They seem to dance. Living this life is such a joy to me. It brings me such peace. Living simply and staying home to complete duties here are so rewarding. To be able to sit on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea and read a book is wonderful! It's relaxing. It's not fast paced. It's being able to enjoy the small things without being overwhelmed by life. I am so blessed to be able to do it.

Having a disorganized house throws a wrench in it for me. :) The last few weeks I haven't felt too wonderful with my Myasthenia Gravis acting up. It has caused me to lose the desire to get things done. Then I get overwhelmed when I look about the house and see the job before me. I'm feeling a bit better, so I decided to tackle this today. I am not promising to get it all done today, but I'm sure gonna try. My house needs a good down home spring cleaning. :) I'm going to take one room at a time and then continue to maintain it so as to deep clean only once a week after that. That way I won't be stressed when I look about the house. I will be relaxed. :)

I've got laundry going right now, but only have enough soap for one more load. I need to make some more today. Then I will have a bucket full that should last a while. :)

I pray everyone has a blessed day. If your life seems hectic, take a few moments to sit down and reflect about what God wishes for your life. He wants more time spent with Him. Hard to do when you're overwhelmed with life. Simplify. You won't regret it!

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