My breathing is better this morning, but I have some lingering weakness. I can live with that. :) I'm so thankful for every breath that the Lord gives me. I'm always thankful for having a simple life that allows me to admire His creation and have time to ponder on His word. The days that are hectic don't allow for that and that is why I don't much care for those sorta days. ;) I'm a country girl who likes the slow pace of the country life. Give me lemonade, a porch, and a cool breeze and I'm happy as a clam. :) Love to spend my summers like that. There is work to do of course, but we shouldn't neglect the pace of nature. The trick is not to pile on too much in a day. Just do one big thing at a time. Such as, don't do your canning one day along with all the laundry, yard work, and baking. Do it separately. :) I think I'm all done canning for this season. In the fall, I'll be canning some applesauce.

Today I'll be making some gummy bears and possibly some oreos (much like oreo cakesters) Then I'll relax on the porch, weather permitting, and read a good book until it's time to start supper. :)

I pray everyone enjoys their day and enjoys the beauty they see this time of year. :)


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