Busy Monday...

It started with volunteering at church this morning for a couple hours. Then it was home to make lunch. Hunter has been stacking wood all day....part of a lesson to be learned about working for your money and not just getting it given to you. He is saving for an ipad and has sold quite a bit of his stuff to get some money for it. Getting money seems easy to him and he has no qualms about wasting it. Once again at dinner last night he ordered dessert and didn't finish it. This is after he ate supper before church so he wouldn't order a meal and waste it. So Ryan decided to make him pay for the dessert and also learn how to earn money by the sweat of your brow. Making money doesn't come easy. He needs to learn that his dad works in this sweltering heat for that dessert he wasted. So, he is stacking the wood and is not complaining. Train up a child...

After lunch I was off to the dreaded grocery store. I was at 4 different ones and it took over 2 hours. Ugh. BUT, I was in budget. :) Can't wait to have a nice supper with the captain and Hunter and then relax tonight. No where to go. :)

I've still got dishes to do and laundry to put up, but right now I am taking a bit of a break from the grocery store run. It wears me out. I like to sit here, lean back, and take a deep breath and rest in Him. It helps me refocus for the rest of the evening. It's at this time that I can pray for the ones I love. You always feel closer to them when you are praying for them. :)

Well, break time is over. ;) I'd better get a move on. I love for my captain to come home to a nice, cozy home and it needs some tending to. :)


  1. He did such a good job with the wood that Ryan paid him for a job well done. Hunter was able to explain to us the meaning of this discipline. I am blessed to have such a good kid. :)


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