Our riding mower is on the fritz...again. :( We think it's the carburetor...we may have to rebuild it or get a new one...ugh. I was going to borrow someone's push mower to mow our acre and a half, but instead we borrow the captain's grandpa's mower. Well, that one decided not to run today after we got it home. The captain and I have been outside all evening tearing it apart and cleaning it and tuning it up...finally got it running. Good shoulder to shoulder time. ;) So I'll use it tomorrow to get our yard done. In the meantime, we are trying to figure out what to do with ours...who to take it to fix or if we should attempt to do it ourselves...just kinda frustrating.

It's hard to not think God is being unfair when so many unfortunate things are happening in our mom has decided to move away right after she asked my brother to move here and live with her for a while. She has been going out of state for dates that I didn't know about...dangerous. She is moving in with her brother and thinks that is what is going to be best for her. She is just thinking of herself. I hate feeling jolted. Ryan and I have been trying to work though a lot of these things and I am glad he is here to help keep me focused on our Lord. I tend to get lost in the circumstances at times, especially when it seems to all happen at once. I think I need another getaway....;)

We will be taking a family weekend next month to relax and to celebrate Hunter's 13th birthday. I can't believe he's going to be a teenager. I will need wisdom during these years...

I'm going to head to bed and pray to the good Lord for sweet dreams instead of the dreams I've been having...I'm so exhausted, but tomorrow is another day. :) And I realize that there is a day that all creation's waiting for...and I'm waiting for...where all this won't be an issue anymore. My pain and weakness won't be an issue anymore. Heartbreak, stress, grief, selfishness, etc, won't be an issue anymore. Come Lord Jesus, come...


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