Learning the Secret of a Homemaking Heart....

What is it, that makes a christian woman a happy, home-loving wife and mother?

I wonder if, part of it perhaps, is this... as a woman setting out to become godly home-maker, she is encouraged to 'look to the ways of her household' and so, she begins the happy work of creating a haven of order and beauty. Her duties encompass many tasks, both mundane and creative, and she discovers that all are necessary for the making of a pleasant home.

She does not aim to reproduce the sterile image of perfection from some home decorating magazines. Neither is she slavishly mimicking the staged room settings of non-existent homes, found in the junkmail brochures. In fact, there may be nothing at all in her abode which bears a designers label to be eyed with envy.

No..a godly homemaker seeks items of much higher value to embellish her precious home!

Her guests may have trouble recalling the pattern on her sofa or the color of her curtains, but they will, however, clearly remember the atmosphere of the room in which she entertains them. Being aware of this, she aims to create, to the best of her ability, a tranquil room. For a caring home-keeper loves to create a warm and welcoming feel to her home.

She works to achieve this by simple means such as...avoiding ugly clutter, dusting and cleaning the furniture, and having good natural light coming in through the windows for starters. She adds some pretty flowers, real or silk, some comfy cushions, and pleasant pictures on the walls to make a plain room look lovely without costing a fortune.

She knows that many of the decorative items she seeks, can easily be found at thrift shops, or perhaps can be handmade by herself, as she learns some craft as a handy new hobby.

But nice as all these objects may be, the thing which people will remember most, is the 'feel' of the room. If everything is in it's place and picture perfect but the conversation is dry, cold and uncaring, her guests will carry away an impression of a soul-less house. However if they are greeted with true charity and genuine friendliness, they will leave with a sense of contentment and a desire to return again and often.

After all, it's not a designer sofa which offers comfort-a listening ear and gentle heart does ! And a stiff 3 course meal on expensive china does not feed the soul-but a simple bowl of warm soup can be a feast of joy, if served with love ! So the godly woman comes to discover that the heart of a truly happy home-maker must be a 'servant' heart.

She cheerfully learns to build a home of faith, love and peace for her family, as well as beauty comfort and order. She opens her home gladly to offer friendship, respite and encouragement to others. Her heart delights in sharing the blessings of her life and she extends them gladly as each opportunity arises.

She is known and loved for her generosity, joy, gentleness and faith. Her family treasure her and her friends admire her for she holds the key to contentment in her daily round of home-keeping. She knows the secret of finding joy in the humble chores of cherishing her home.

The key is shaped by the word 'GIVE'

And the secret's name is 'LOVE'

~Angles Wings and Apron Strings


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