Do you think we ever totally get over things? Or do you think there will always be a little piece of our past or present that sticks with us? I know God delivers us from many things, but when He does, what He delivered us from is not always forgotten. So in that aspect I would say we carry a little piece with us. I'm sure there are times when He delivers us from pain, heartbreak, sadness, fear, or doubt that we don't carry a little piece with us from that, but a little peace instead. I have been delivered from the above, but I'm not sure it's a total deliverance. Because often the next day, whatever we were delivered from the day before, such as pain, soon returns. So instead, I think we are equipped to deal with the things that we are temporarily delivered from by being given peace. That is not temporary. It stays with you. We are equipped with His love, which is also not temporary. It is eternal...I am so thankful for having been equipped with such things. For every day there is pain and heartbreak or fear and doubt, and I need Him to help me through such things until the day comes when there will be a total deliverance from them. :) The old things will be remembered no more...


  1. I think we never get over things. They can become less, but still always there. Human nature, I think.


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