It's been busy around here lately. Been canning green beans and I think we got enough for a while. ;) Working around the yard and getting the wood pile stacked. We still have more to stack. We'll get there eventually. :)

I have 10 chickens that will be ready to lay the beginning of August. One of them has already started laying. Cute, little, tiny eggs...

I love this time of year...just don't like the humidity. I know it will break soon and it will be even better.

Starting to get things ready for Hunter for homeschool. He'll start Sept 4th. I love the anticipation of learning. :)

We were blessed with lunch today from our worship pastor. It was nice getting to know he and his wife better.

Hoping to get some more done this week. I've got some sweets to make, more beans to can, and cleaning. I'll be relaxing and reading in there somewhere. ;) The cool thing is I can talk to God during all those things. I pray to be blessed with less physical pain this week and a desire to be a "doer." I will enjoy resting the rest of this Lord's day and be thankful for all the Lord is doing...


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