What a day...

I am completely and utterly exhausted tonight...and I still have dishes waiting for me. It has been a really long day. I went to church this morning to do my volunteer stuff and then they took us to lunch. My son went on a youth group trip with the church and it was cut short due to rain so I had to go back and pick him up. Then the captain was off early due to the rain and he wanted to take me to the store for groceries, but had to get mower stuff before doing that. I have just now sat down. These kind of days are really rough on me. I'm just not wired for all the running around. :(

Having a thousand things on your mind while doing all the above results in extreme exhaustion, slurred speech, and hardly able to sit up. I think I will sleep like a baby tonight and may even sleep in in the morning, you know like 7:30 lol. I have been in prayer for several things and I think the spiritual warfare is taking it's toll. I know satan just loves for us to be so exhausted that we can hardly fight him. He loves chaos and having our minds churning over memories or being distracted with sadness. God tells us to dwell on Phillipans 4:8. That is what I am trying so hard to do. I really am. I look around at what God has brought me from and what He has provided me and I feel the joy welling up inside. I think on things that pleases Him and that brings me peace. But, it is not easy. Not at all. There is such a struggle in me right now. I just feel like a part of me is missing. I know it sounds crazy, but I do. I know God can and will fill any void that I feel. I just have an unrest in my heart.

I am exhausted, but I will lay my head down tonight in fervent prayer over what has my heart in unrest and pray that God will settle my spirit. I desperately need a special touch tonight as I lift up many in prayer as well as myself. The child in me just wants things "all better" so that I can rest. Someday....


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