Busy day...

It's Monday...and it's busier than normal. I have to go to the church to volunteer, home for lunch, off to the store to get groceries, then to go have an ultrasound to see if my (sorry guys) uterus is ok to have a biopsy next month and to look at my (sorry guys) ovaries. I should get some test results back today that would show if I have ovarian cancer or not. Then next month we will see if the cancer had spread into my uterus. I'm praying the cancer stayed in one place and that none was left behind and it didn't spread. Time will tell, it always does. ;) If all that comes back good, then I will have a hysterectomy in January. Let me tell you, I will be glad when that is all done and gone. I take really good care of my body, so I'm praying that my way of eating all natural has helped in that department. Once that is gone, I pray I never see cancer again. But, only God knows what the future holds. Keeping my Myasthenia Gravis under control is another feat.

Making some brownies later for the guys that are coming over to work on my brother's truck. I can't wait til it's fixed and out of our driveway. ;)

Woke up this morning to the neighbor's rooster. I love it...really I do. The crickets are still chirping and the cool breeze coming through the windows is just wonderful. The sun is shining, the grass is still green, and the birds are fluttering by my front window. :) Good stuff.

Well, I'd better get movin'. The day waits for no one. :) I pray everyone enjoys this day the Lord has made. :)


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