Idols...uh oh.

An idol can be anything. It may even be a good thing. But if we want it so badly that we sin if we don't get it or sin to attain it, then we are worshiping an idol rather than Christ. Each of us is worshiping something or someone within our heart every waking moment of each day. Believers have a God-given capacity to have a pure devotion to and worship of the Lord, but they frequently struggle with other "gods." How a wife's husband behaves or treats her can easily become an idol even to the point of displacing the Lord as her deepest affection and longing. Some common idols wives may have in their heart are....

Good health
Being treated fairly
Having a hurt free life
Having children
Others' approval

As long as things are going well in the areas you have your heart set on, you will feel alright. When they do not turn out as you may desire, frustration and perhaps anxiety begin to build even to the point of depression. You become willing to do anything to have your "idol." As idolatrous sin abounds, painful emotions increase, and the pressure builds. Instead of compounding sin, God wants the undivided worship and devotion of your heart. Your thoughts, motives, and choices should be set on glorifying Him, not on your idolatrous heart's desire.

Example...A wife wants her husband to cherish her, talk to her, and make her feel special. All good things. The problem comes when the wife has her heart set on romance and special feelings instead of setting her heart on serving and worshiping the Lord. As a result, when those special feelings are not there, she becomes bitter, frustrated, and disappointed. That becomes more important to her than her relationship with Christ. It becomes an idol.

Some correct desires are...that I may be pleasing to Him regardless of circumstances.
That I may cultivate an attitude of joy and gratitude in what God is doing in my life no matter what my husband does or doesn't do
That I may have joy in God deciding how my life and circumstances can glorify Him the most

What's your heart set on?

Tip for glorifying your husband...Ask him what his goals are and how you can help him accomplish them.

~Taken in part from "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace


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