It's a new day...

It always interests me when I lose sleep even when I try not to. I woke up at 2 am and had a really hard time going back to sleep. My mind just wouldn't shut off. The captain and I were waiting for a text message to tell us what time we needed to meet for a meeting and never received it. We weren't sure if our messages when through or if their's got lost somewhere. He woke up this morning for work and told me there was no word yet. Not sure what happened there.

I am going to make some pound cake today, probably lemon. :) I also need to pickle some beets and do some housework. I think I'll recruit Hunter to help with vacuuming. We are working on refreshing his math skills before we officially start homeschooling again in Sept. I'm looking forward to schooling him again this year. This will be 8 yrs of homeschooling this year. :)

We made our hotel reservations for this weekend in Missouri. We are taking a mini family vacation. We will be going to Meramec Caverns, Grant's Farm, and the zoo. It should be fun. I know Hunter is looking forward to it. Me, too. ;)

It's supposed to be hot again today. I will be praying that Rye doesn't get overheated today on the roofs. He amazes me with his strength sometimes. I know I lean on that strength quite often. He even said that if I die before him, he would hold me close in his arms until I breathed my last. I am blessed...


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