New life and forgiveness...

Our cat had kittens yesterday. :) Her last litter did not survive. This litter seems to be doing ok so far. I was there when the first one appeared. :)

Did you know forgiveness doesn't really have to do with the other person as much as it has to do with your relationship with God? When someone asks you to forgive them, you must. God commands it. Matthew 6:14-15 True forgiveness releases you from the bondage of anger and fear. Likewise, when you ask for forgiveness it releases you from the bondage of anger and fear, among other things. It works both ways. God really understands that we as Christians need to forgive and be forgiven of each other. It was awesome to see God work yesterday when the captain and I were asked to forgive someone. We did. Although, the relationship is not as deep as we would like, we are still thankful that there is again a relationship to enjoy. May God be glorified in that and may I be content in that.

Trying to get ready to go on vacation this weekend. I have cookies to bake today to take with us for snack and laundry to do so we can pack. I have no one to collect eggs while we are gone and I'm hoping that they don't pile up too bad. I don't have anyone to close the coop for the night either, so I'm hoping predators don't get them. But, we really haven't had any predator problems here with them so I think they will be ok. God can watch over them, too. :)

This vacation is really for Hunter to celebrate his birthday. He'll be 13 on the 3rd of September. We are doing things he likes to let him know just how special he is and how much we love him. I just can't believe I'm going to have a teenager! I'm praising God that I have a relationship with a wise man again that I can come to with questions and advice in raising a teenage boy in the Lord. I'm so thankful...

I hope everyone enjoys their day. Hopefully it's cooler in your neck of the woods than it has been here. So hot...


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