Our time in Missouri...

Let's see....it started out a bit rough and ended a bit rough. (I'll get to the end in a bit) But, the middle was good. :) It started with us not getting the hotel room we booked. Tiny beds. They couldn't fix it because the entire hotel was booked. So we made due. The first night we went to the pool to "relax". Huh...right...LOL. Ten thousand kids...everywhere. I tried to get in the hot tub and did for a bit until I couldn't take being "bombed" by the kids that were jumping in. The hot tub no less! We gave up and went to relax in our little room.

The next day they upgraded us to a suite for no extra charge. It was much nicer. :) We were getting ready to head to Grant's Farm and my husband was trying to iron a shirt and the iron spewed rusty water all over it and it stained. He was frustrated, but the hotel had it dry cleaned. After all that, we prayed about it and went on to Grant's Farm.

Hunter was a little excited. :)

The Captain and I

Looking at the tortoises.

Grossed out? LOL

Saturday night we went to eat at Sage in St. Louis. It was really yummy!

My supper...tapalpia with artichokes, spinach, and heirloom tomatoes with wild rice mix. Mmmmmm!

This was the captain's meal...smoke tenderloin. Oh yum!

This was dessert! I married the stout mousse on the left...yep sure did. ;) The middle and right was the captain's. Blueberry cheesecake and key lime pie. :)

Went to Meramec Caverns, also. It's an interesting place. I didn't like that it was dark and no air was moving. I need light. :) I more of a mountain kinda girl. :)

Now to the end of our vacation. After the caves, we decided to come back and relax in the hotel for a while. No one is sleeping good while not in their own bed...Decided to go swimming, but found out the pool was closed due to all the kids over the weekend making it really dirty. :( They said we could go to the hotel next door to swim, so we did. The captain and Hunter swam around for a while while I lounged and read a book "The Excellent Wife". A family with several little kids came over to swim, too. One of the little dears pooed in the pool...ugh. Needless to say, the captain and Hunter scrambled out of there and they closed the pool...

We are going to go to Bass Pro Shop and Whole Foods on the way home. I love Bass Pro Shop and never been to Whole Foods. Looking forward to some good whole foods. :)

I have enjoyed spending time with my family. It's been nice and lots of memories have been made. :) I've been able to recover more from my myasthenic crisis and have fun at the same time. Good times...


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