It's not about me. Trying to stay positive with no sleep last night and weak muscles. I can easily think about myself, but I really don't want to. I want to focus on Him and allow Him to continue to do His work in me. I will just pray that I will have strength and energy despite the restless night. Not sure what the restlessness was about, but I felt like something was hovering over me (not literally)
Ryan wants me to wait until he is laid off to have surgery in late Dec or early Jan despite my pain, etc. He wants to be here to look after me and also doesn't want to be at work thinking about me. So out of respect, it looks like I may have to wait for surgery. It would be nice to have it over and done, but I don't want him to be stressed. What's a couple more months if it makes my husband more comfortable? When I see the doc next month for the biopsy, then I will let her know then. If she still highly recommends it to be done sooner, then I may.

It can be hard to be respectful to your husband at times, can't it? We can be moody for whatever reason and have a harsh tone to our voice when we speak to them. This should not be. If we are disrespectful, he will almost certainly react to our attitude rather than the real issue. We are disrespectful when we make fun of our husbands, cut them down, are sarcastic, impatient, short, irritated, go against their wishes, etc. Our tone of voice should be gentle and calm. We can show respect even if we disagree with them...

God tells us in the bible ".....and the wife must respect her husband." Ephesians 5:33

It's going to be hot today and I need to mow. I also have to run to the store for some things I forgot to get. I hope to make some oatmeal packets this afternoon and also get the laundry folded and put away. I hope to be alert for small group tonight. God, please clear my mind, let it be sharp and not swiss cheese-like :), allow me to be organized and fresh. Help me be more respectful to my husband with my words and tone and actions. It is my desire to please You by pleasing him. I want to be a good helpmeet to my wonderful, hardworking, strong husband. Give him wisdom also, Lord, with my surgery. Speak to him about what You want to happen with it. Give Him the know as the head of our house. I trust him because he trusts You. I will follow him.


  1. Many decisions to be made, God to be glorified, ordinary living responsibilities to be fulfilled and the list goes on for each day.
    Eph 5:33 is the Love and Respect verse, the foundation for a God honoring marriage. It isn't just a love verse or just a respect verse but a verse about the big picture. Sometimes we get so "lost" in the small portion of the big picture it is hard to realize there is a big picture called eternity. So thankful for eternity :)
    I continue to pray for you guys each day. I see many prayer opportunities in your blog. Through each decision, action and attitude I pray God will be glorified because it really is all about Him. He gives us so many opportunities to trust Him.

  2. I need to keep my eyes on the "big picture." :) I am VERY thankful for your prayers. Some days it can be hard to muster up a prayer that seems worthy. It's good to know there are others that go before the throne on our behalf. That is truly a blessing!


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