A good day!

A good day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Getting ready to do some baking today. We are having a small cookout tonight. I pray the weather holds out. Looking forward to sitting on the porch and eating some smoked ribs. :) Would love to get together soon with other family and maybe play spades. :) I miss that....

I encourage you to enjoy every moment you have. Make the best of every situation and grow and grow some more in Christ. Tell the ones you love you love them, hug them, give them you, just savor every moment. I know I do. :) I am thankful for all God has provided. He has been very gracious to me, providing things/people exactly when I need it/them. I have learned so much from those people he has blessed me with. I just pray I can be a blessing to them in return.

Gosh, I'm rambling now...sometimes my heart just seeps out. ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

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