Test results...

I finally got my results back today. The doctor called me herself. There was no cancer in my ovaries. :) Yay! But, my blood work revealed that my blood sugar is high. NO! I love goodies. That's what I do, I bake. Looks like I won't be able to eat much of it anymore. My body isn't liking it. I found out, too, that it's not good on your immune system. We went to eat last night with friends to surprise my brother's fiance and two friends were trying to get me to stop eating sugar then...I told them that I'm addicted and that I would probably go through withdraws. Now it looks like I just might have to give it up...at least mostly. ;) The doctor wants me to come in next month to see about a possible endometrial biopsy and talk about scheduling the surgery. She said that she couldn't sleep that night after my visit and she was really concerned. She told me she doesn't want me to die and that the old doctor really put me in jeopardy by not doing what she was supposed to in the first place with the cancer. I told her I appreciated her concern. She said she would be more comfortable if I scheduled the surgery sooner than January, but it was up to me ultimately. Ugh. I will talk to her more next month about the recovery. If it's not too bad, then I may have it sooner. If I just need to rest and not do housework...then I can get Hunter to vacuum, etc. It may be a good time to teach him to do the dishes properly. He did them once before, but it was awful. :) The only thing would be meals...maybe for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks I would need someone else to cook. :) If we can pull all that off, then maybe we can schedule it sooner so she could be at ease. We will see...

I pray everyone enjoys their day. I know I have some repenting to do. I was not very good at keeping my impatience at bay. I got to where I was pacing around waiting for them to call me. I hope I do better when the next opportunity rolls around....I am so not good at waiting.


  1. Praise God for His goodness. We are so happy for you and the results from your cancer tests. I know waiting for test results can be filled with many opportunities. God gives us so many challenges to grow us each day. But He only gives us what He knows we can handle with His help.
    Hunter should be a great help when the time comes. You may see him take the reins and go with it when he sees the need and see the opportunity to help the family. Young people can be amazing at times.
    Keep fighting the good fight and keep the focus where it belongs....on Him :o)

  2. I will certainly try to keep the focus on Him. It can be so difficult when there are so MANY distractions...I really think Hunter will be a great help. He was a big help at the church yesterday and was praised for being a hard worker. :)
    I will keep fighting the good fight and it's good to know that there are others fighting with me through prayer. Thank you. :)


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