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“Do the womens liberationists want to be liberated from being women? No, they would say, they want to be liberated from society’s stereotypes of what women are supposed to be…. Some very interesting facts have been uncovered by scientists which feminists will have to treat very gingerly for they show that it is not merely society which determines how the sexes will behave…. The idea of matriarchy is mythical, I’ve learned, for not one that can be documented has ever existed. Doesn’t it seem strange that male dominance has been universal if it’s purely social conditioning? One would expect to see at least a few examples of societies where women rather than men held the positions of highest status…. Isn’t’ it really much easier to believe that the feelings of men and women throughout history bear a direct relationship to some innate prerequisite? … It was God who made us different, and He did it on purpose. Recent scientific research is illuminating, and as has happened before, corroborates ancient truth which mankind has always recognized. God created male and female...the male to call forth, to lead, initiate and rule, and the female to respond, follow, adapt, and submit.”
~ Elisabeth Elliot


  1. So many things God has set in perfect order. Then we as imperfect people try to rearrange and call it truth & wisdom. God is so wise and all knowing. And the best part is He wants what is best for us and we won't let it happen because we as people think we know best. Elisabeth Elliot is a great lady that can teach us all much.

  2. I like Elisabeth Elliot, too. It's nice to have like minded people that are older that I can look up to and learn from. :) Trying to fight the flesh of rebellion can be difficult in a woman. When the Eve stepped out from under the umbrella of protection of Adam and did as she pleased, it started a move of rebellion in us women. God has said that our husbands are to "rule over us" (Gen 3:16) and when we let them do that, we have a loving leader that wants us to suppress that rebellious spirit and have a meek and quiet spirit as God directed...


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