Am I ready?

For a lesson in self-control?

Went to the doctor today for some pre-op stuff.  Found out that I will have to be on clear liquids a day and a half before surgery. O.O Oh my...I get really hungry and this is going to be hard.  This is where self-control is going to come in.  Not focusing on my hunger and doing something else instead. It will be a test...

Also found out that she decided she is not going to look at the biopsy there in the OR, but instead send it to the lab for analysis.  She said she won't be taking any lymph nodes because even if there is endometrial cancer, they wouldn't take nodes. They would just start chemo/radiation.  So the surgery won't be as invasive since they won't be taking any nodes. (which is good, better recovery)  I will find out a couple weeks later if I have endometrial cancer and not just cervical.  To quote Tom Petty, "The waiting is the hardest part".  But, another opportunity for self-control and to be content.  I'm praying the uterus is clear and all I have to do is worry about recovery and not future chemo/radiation.  I'm not sure how I feel about that one...

As you can see, I talked about my health. :)  I know I said I wasn't going to.  But, you know what...this blog is about my life as a baking homesteader and this is part of it. :)  I have the opportunity to solicit prayers from all over the world here. :) So this is me taking advantage of that! ;)  I would appreciate your prayers for contentment, clear cancer report, quick recovery, future well being, and to learn to accept the lot the good Lord has given me with peace.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to show your love by praying.

On to homesteading things...I have a lot of hickory nuts to crack today.  I'm going to be making a maple/hickory nut cake next week with them.  Tomorrow is applesauce making day again and hoping to get more than one batch done.  I want to do light things next week and get too worn out before surgery time seeing as I'm already going to be weak from not eating.  I have some clothes to mend also.  Most need taken in.  I've been wearing safety pins on all my shorts/capris. ;)

Can I encourage you to do something different today? Something you wouldn't normally do (short of sinning of course ;)  Stretch yourself a little and I will, too.


  1. Adding you to our prayer journal.

    Mending is like dusting, I put it off until I can't stand the pile of clothes and sit down and get to work. Mending and quilting is all I do with my sewing machine and right now I don't have a specific place for it, so have to set it up and take it down each time I want to use it. Soon( as soon as gardening, canning and cleanup are finished) we have plans to make one half od our spare room into a sewing/ craft room
    Praying you day goes well and that you don't get to weak from lack of food*wink*

  2. Thanks. :) I only use my sewing machine for mending and such now. I used to make all my clothes when I wore cape dresses/skirts. Now I wear jeans and long shorts. I would love to have a room just for sewing. My machine is in the living room in a corner. lol. Tomorrow is going to be a chore for me to get the applesauce put up...will be a longggg dayyyyy. ;) Enjoy your evening. :)


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