God's provision is not based on "karma" (works). If you have a bad day it's not because you did something wrong. The man who built his house on the rock did everything right, but the storm came anyway. Suffering isn't random. It is allowed by God and He has a purpose/plan. Karma is believing what you do, whether good or bad, comes back to you. With God, it doesn't matter if you do good works or if you don't. The storm comes either way. It rains on the just and the unjust. It's having faith in the One that makes the rain and knowing He can provide shelter if you base your life upon Him.

So the next time you have a bad day, don't think it's something you did or didn't do. Don't think that you are suddenly out of God's favor. If you are His child, your standing before Him never changes. He loves you. When that bad day comes (just because), remember to lean on Him and seek shelter in His wings.

I am learning so much through my own suffering. I have come to see it as a blessing. God has chosen to draw me to Himself in this way and to that I say, AMEN!


  1. God so wants us to depend fully on Him. His desire is for us to recognize and respond to Him for Who He is...the almighty God. His purposes are always perfect and directed at bringing us closer to Him and His holiness.
    What a blessing it is that you can see Him working through your suffering. Nothing is wasted when we allow God to work. It is amazing when the comforting power of God can help us see that the physical suffering is to be for His glory and is momentary in relation to eternity. You are growing so much and being such a great example for those around you. We are called to be "different" so others can see Him through us. God is working and He is good.
    Your blog is greatly appreciated :-)

  2. That brought a tear to my eye today. Thank you for your words and encouragement. THAT is greatly appreciated. ;)


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