Long day...

Helped load up a moving van (actually two, don't ask) for my mom this morning into the afternoon.  It was interesting.  She is moving to Wisconsin.  A lot of things transpired this week that broke my heart, none of which was her moving. 

Going out to eat tonight with friends to one of my favorite restaurants, Biaggi's. It will be nice to relax and put some things behind me.  I'd like to focus on good things, like wonderful friends, a great church family, being loved as a daughter in a wonderful godly way by someone God has put in our life, a funny son, the beautiful day we had, and a healing spirit God has provided me to deal with the lot He has given.  My husband told me that he loved my fighting spirit.  He said he admires that I don't just give up on things.  I think my childhood has prepared me for the things I face now.  Funny how that works. ;)

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Saturday.  I am plum tuckered out and ready for a good dinner and then a good night's sleep.  I will rest in Him as I lay my head down on that pillow tonight and dream of better days to come...


  1. Sounds like your day was full to overflowing with blessings. :o) I'm sure you are well aware how blessed you are and it sounds as if your family is wonderful. Sometimes we don't all have such loving family relationships, so it's reassuring to those of us who don't have loving Godly parents*sigh*, There is always the hope that they will come to know God :o)

    Blessings for your weekend,


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