The start of something new...

Today I start a new life (Lord willing) with less pain and suffering in one area of my life. :)  I leave today for surgery and I am ready for the Lord to work in my body through this.  I pray the surgery is sufficient and that no further treatment will be needed.  I pray for a speedy recovery and better days to come.  He has sustained me thus far and I know He is faithful to sustain me always.  I am so thankful to serve the God of comfort and mercy.  No matter the outcome, I know He has not forsaken me.  Even though there is still unsureness of what's in my cup, I have faith and trust in He who holds that Him be the glory.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I woke early this morning and as I laid there on my bed the word agreement came to my mind. As I laid there and thought more about it and prayed I can see where we make agreements with what is not the Truth Jesus Christ but with lies satan. I got up and came and turned on my computer to write down some thoughts I was having. First I googled agreements with satan and the first blog listed was yours. What came up and read was what you had written I think in April of this year. "Do you make agreements with satan?" I know God led me to your blog. Before I read what you wrote I read over your home page and who you are. I felt an instant connection that this is someone who I can identify with, who understands. Today is October 1st and I read what you wrote yesterday about you are having surgery. Your faith is strong and you have so much to share with others. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am so glad that post could be a blessing to you! Thank you for the kind encouragement. The agreements with satan post was an important one to me as I'm sure you could tell when you read it. :)


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