The successful woman...

Culture paints the successful woman with a briefcase in her hand, a smart suit, with an admirable six figure income stepping on anyone who gets in her way.

But the truly successful woman has a deeper understanding of her calling for wisdom is her guide, the fruits of the spirit is her instructor and her rewards are of eternal significance, not just temporal. She knows that:

1. A woman’s foremost responsibility is in the home, making a success of marriage and family and therefore give her best to those she loves--by doing this she brings glory to God.

2. A woman can best serve her Lord and her country by rearing a successful family--but notice that I did not say a perfect family. Success translates into serving and respecting her husband the best that she can and nurturing disciples that will share God's word with the world.

3. The best workshop for training children in moral and spiritual values is in the home. The mother is the master teacher and she must  work diligently to train them. While this looks different in every home, every master teacher understands that her home is the nursery of civilization--what is taught here is forever imprinted upon the soul to affect thousands, if not millions, with either good or evil.

4. It requires the very best of a woman’s mental capacity to be an ideal wife and raise a successful family so she gives her all to the sacred work that lies in front of her. It is indeed her life's work. She pours into everyone all that she has, she is strategic, she makes the most of every opportunity and she works late into the night and rising early to meet the new day.

5.. A woman’s glory is the esteem of her husband, the training of her children, and the overall success in the ordering and managing of her home and in that she fulfills her duties to the Lord. While she will never have perfected these things she is always working on improving them--she knows her work is a process.

As you begin your week, align your priorities with God. Start on your knees as you ask Him for wisdom and strength and blessings on the fruit of your hands.

And as you pour your all in every aspect of your home from helping your husband to educating your children do not grow weary but know that this is God's good and perfect will for you and He will strengthen and lead you through the sacredness and beauty of it all.
~A Wise Woman Builds Her Home


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