Such a pretty day...

It is such a nice day here. :) The sun is shining and it's warm. :) It was a nice day to go to the store. I usually dread it but I was glad to be outside. It's nice to have a long weekend with the captain. We got some cleaning done around here with some help of friends. Tomorrow we are going to do some target shooting. :) We always like to try and see how much better we can do. It will be good to have some fun before I go in for my biopsy Tuesday. I'll be glad to get that over. :) Still not sure when surgery will be. The decision will be made Tuesday if not before.

I hope as summer winds down, you will have more time to enjoy this time of year. I know things can get busy in the summer. Fall is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the fresh air, turning leaves, pumpkin pies, caramel apples (mmmm), and bonfires. :) I'm glad I get to enjoy the changing seasons. I pray I get to enjoy many more seasons.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately...I often wonder what God is up to. What are His plans for me? For my family? I just wonder how life will be down the road. Who will be in my life? Who will be no longer? What will God have me do? Nevermind me. :) My mind tends to wonder....

Enjoy this Labor Day weekend. :)


  1. What is God up to? Only He knows and we have to take Him by faith at His Word. All things happen together for good...Rom 8:28. God is in control and He is good. He builds a Christian's faith and trust as He reveals His paths for them one step at a time on the pathway of their life which He has planned out in advance. The contentment and trust Paul had in his Christian journey was an awesome example for one to follow. Someone's ;-)status on FB this morning goes right along with this, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. I am thankful God gave us that example as well a the Supreme Example, Jesus.
    This may be a time to "talk to yourself" about what God has revealed and not to "listen to yourself" about the what ifs :-)
    Trust Him always. The strength comes from Him.

  2. This was good timing. I just got to it about 6 pm tonight. I've been trying to "talk to myself" all day. :) I am content, but there is always that curiosity as to what God is up to. I often look at the sign you made me that says "trust" I'm so glad it can be a reminder for me. And I like what you say about God revealing to us one step at a time in our path that He has planned out in advance. I think if I knew more than a step at a time, I would be so overwhelmed. But, you are right, the great Guide guides us one step at a time. I hope I'm not rambling. I've had a difficult time today with my illness and I am zapped. Spiritually, I am zealous, but physically, I feel like all my energy has left me. I know God has my future in His hands and I am content with that...thank you once again for being there.


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