Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion, c.1954 Art Print
Something the good Lord gives us all equally. We all get the exact same amount of time as everyone else in a day. 24 hours. But, sometimes it seems like some people get more or less than we do. Hmmmm. Could it be that it's what we do with the time He gives that changes our perspective on how much time we actually have in a day?

"Busyness seems in our society to be a badge of honor; that we are so busy proves how important we are, but busyness is an enemy of spirituality and essentially laziness, for it is doing the easy thing instead of the hard thing. It is filling our time with our own actions instead of paying attention to God's actions." Eugene Peterson

Interesting thought...What are you doing with the time God gave you?  What do you fill your day with?  Is He part of the time?  Take a look at your day. Are you too busy to enjoy the things God has made?  Are you just running here and there?  Do you need to change a few things so that you can use your time wisely?  Just something to think about...


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