Feeling better...

I am having less pain today. :) Yay!  My energy level has been pretty good this whole time, which makes it harder to rest and not do anything.  But, my husband has been very adamant about me healing properly and won't let me do anything (not supposed to yet)  I'm glad for his patience and help during this time. :)

The weather lately has been just beautiful! It is going to be 80 again today.  I'll take that for now. :)  There was a pretty mist in the field again this morning.  It's a still morning and very peaceful...

It's been interesting the different countries that stop by my blog...The UK, Botswana, Estonia, Australia, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil, just to mention a few, along with all over the US. :)  It's neat to be able to reach so many different people with a blog. :)

God has been very gracious to me.  He has allowed me to encourage others with my life experiences.  He is an awesome God who has comforted me during so many hurtful times in my life.  He has helped me get past pain and to focus on truth and facts and not feelings.  Satan loves us to make agreements with him.  Something that we often do without realizing it.  God wants us and equips us to break those agreements.

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful fall weather.  I am going back to rest now and get things started for Hunter for school. :)


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