Getting ready (again)

I've been doing some things around the house today.  Surprisingly, I've had some energy despite the lack of food. (Clear liquids only today and tomorrow)  I cleaned the woodstove and painted it, did the dishes, vacuumed, and got the chickens all fed.  Tomorrow will be less work because it will be day two without food. :)  Hunter mopped the floors today.  The weather today was just beautiful.  Another day with the windows open. :)

I'm resting tonight and just cozying up on the couch enjoying the company of the captain.  He has been helpful the last few days and will be following my surgery.  We have been through a lot together in our almost 14 yrs of marriage (Oct 19th)  God has brought us through many things and brought us closer together. :)

I'm praying for good sleep as I need it.  Trying to keep up my strength for surgery.  Thank you for your continued prayers in that matter...


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