His way...

"Cease meddling with God's plans and will.  You touch anything of His, and you mar the work.  You may move the hands of a clock to suit you, but you do not change the time; so you may hurry the unfolding of God's will, but you harm and do not help the work.  You can open a rosebud, but you spoil the flower.  Leave all to Him. Hands down. Thy will, not mine." ~Stephen Merritt

                  His Way
God bade me go when I would stay
(Twas cool within the wood);
I did not know the reason why.
I heard a boulder crashing by
Across the path where I stood.

He bade me stay when I would go;
"Thy will be done," I said
They found one day at early dawn,
Across the way I would have gone,
A serpent with a mangled head

No more I ask the reason why,
Although I may not see
The path ahead, His way I go;
For though I know not, He doth know,
And will choose safe paths for me.
~The Sunday School Times

It can be difficult for us to stay in His will.  I know for me, there are so many things I want to change.  But, I have to remember it is the way He chooses it to be.  Everything that has happened in my life is done with His permission.  I must trust that He knows best and His intentions are to purify me. When you come to that realization, life becomes more enjoyable. You start to see the little sweet things He gives to balance out some of the pain. Like this when I walked out the back door this morning just to smell the fresh cool air...

It made me smile. :)  Silly kitty.  God gives us all memories to store away to ponder on when things are rough. I am thankful for that.  Our God loves us so deeply and He doesn't find joy when we are suffering.  He wants to comfort us and help us.  Knowing He is there to care for me during my suffering brings me a lot of peace.  I am thankful He will be with me Thursday during surgery and afterwords.  I will most definitely need His strength when I come out of surgery...

No matter the circumstances, in the end, I want it His way...


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