I went yesterday to have my hysterectomy. I was to have a biopsy first in the OR and check to see if there was any residual cancer or if it spread. They were to look at it right then and if it was positive, they were not going to proceed and send me to Peoria to a gyn/onc, if it was negative, she would go ahead with the LAVH.(Laparoscopiclly assisted vaginal hysterectomy)
They did the biopsy and the pathologist decided right then that he didn't want to look at it in the OR and to instead take his time looking at it and have the results by Mon. (hopefully) So, unfortunately I was not able to have surgery yesterday because we didn't have any results. :( I'm not sure when surgery will be now, it depends on the results of the biopsy. Talk about a lesson in contentment....

There were a lot of lessons in patience and contentment yesterday.  I will admit, when I woke up from the biopsy and knew that they had not taken what I went there for, I started to cry.  I didn't want to suffer with anymore pain and here I was in a lot of pain in that area again.  It was all still there...I won't know what's next until I get results on Monday (Lord willing) and can make plans to move on then.  I am VERY thankful for all the prayers you have prayed and I hope you continue to pray.


  1. Oh Stephanie, you can do this I know. Hang in there my friend, and prayer will see us through! Thank you so much for stopping by, we both know how special life is when we slow down and enjoy the day and here I am - so so so busy. God bless your heart!

  2. Thank you. There is a season for everything and I pray you are enjoying your busy season right now. :) I am trying to be patient. :)

  3. Continuing to pray for you, HUGS and praying you are not suffering to much pain.


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