A good day!

A good day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm still waiting for my biopsy results.  It looks like I should get them tomorrow sometime and then we can move forward with the rescheduling of my surgery.  Not sure when it will be, but hopefully this month.

I made some ham and potato soup tonight and it was scrumptious. :)  I will post the recipe tomorrow.  I'm still trying to get things ready for surgery (again) and taking advantage of the extra time I have.  I will be cleaning out the chicken coop this week.  I'd like to treat myself to a hair trim Thurs. We'll see....

Hunter has been a sweetheart to me as of late.  Yesterday he brought in the groceries and put them away for me without me even asking.  He's been trying to cheer everyone up around here. :) Such a gentleman.  He went to visit the widow up the road and took our little kitten with him to show her.  Pretty awesome for a 13 yr old I think. ;)

We will be burning in the woodstove soon.  The nights have been chilly.  But, it won't be this week.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 80 and nice the next day, too.  I am savoring this wonderful weather while I can. :)  Pretty soon I'll be stuck in the house recovering...

Enjoy your evening and remember to lift your loved ones up in prayer tonight...we all need a special touch from the Lord who sustains us and readies us for battle...

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