Don'ts for Wives 1913

I got this book in the mail the other's teeny tiny in size, but big on old fashioned wisdom...

Here are some of the "don'ts" for wives...

Don't forget the feed the brute well.  Much depends on the state of his digestion.
Don't let him have to search the house for you.  Listen for him at the door and meet him on the threshold.
Don't think your husband horrid if he seems a bit irritable; he probably had a very tiring day and his nerves are overwrought.
Don't keep the house so tidy that your husband is afraid to leave a newspaper lying about.
Don't get angry when your husband says your cake doesn't taste like his mother's; write and ask her for the recipe.
Don't say "I told you so" to your husband no matter how much you feel tempted to.
Don't return to an old grievance. Once the matter has been thrashed out, let it be forgotten, or at least never allude to it again.

I thought this book was interesting in it's advice to wives. It is not mainstream thinking.  The world/society wants us to only think of ourselves and to put us first.  God wants us to put others first and most importantly, our husbands.  They come first after the Lord, then our children.  I find these books refreshing in the advice and it helps me to not think of myself first, but to make sure my husband is taken care of and loved. :)


  1. "Don't keep the house so tidy that your husband is afraid to leave a newspaper lying about."

    Well. I am alllll over that one. Hee...

  2. I thought the SAME thing when I read that one! :)

  3. That's the one that caught my attention too LOL. :-D


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