Early nights...

The sun going down early is really messing with me.  I'm usually up with the sun, but the sun doesn't come up fast enough and then goes away too soon.  I always feel like going to bed after supper.  When we used oil lamps in the evenings, we would always end up in bed early.  Sure, we would play a game or something, but we would always be tired because of the dim light.  Then we would be up with the sun to make the most of our day.  These kind of nights make for good cozy time in the living room with the woodstove.

Hunter did his sound effects for a "movie" last night at the library.  He did a good job. :)  He was one of the youngest ones in there and the rest of the students were college age. He is interested in technology things and picks it up so fast.  I'm really proud of him...God has really blessed me.

He's been doing a great job with the new homeschooling approach.  I know I've said it before, but it's true.  He's such a good reader and has a high comprehension level.  In second grade he was reading sixth grade level. He is now a seventh grader and his reading level is adult.

I pray everyone enjoys their evening. Be blessed...


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