Hope and our desires...

"Oh, that I might have my request, that God would grant what I hope for." Job 6:8

What do you hope for?  Is it more money? Happier marriage? To see someone you haven't seen in a long time? To be a better Christian?  To experience more of God's love through His people?  To become more like Christ?  To be loved?

Are the things in which we hope for and request from God also His desires? What are our motives?  Is it to glorify God by doing things He commands us in His word? Or do we have selfish motives?  I would have to say that I've been on both ends of this spectrum at sometime or another.  There are many things I hope for. I believe most of what I hope for is His desire, also.  I'm sure there are things I hope for that may not be in His plan.  One thing I can think of is my trip to Montana next year.  I hoped for it and it's not meant to be this time around.  We have some debt to pay down before we go.  I want to pay cash for the trip and we won't be able to by this summer.  So I hoped for it and desired it, but God had different plans for me.  I do believe He will allow me to see it before if/when my eyes fail me.  It just won't be as soon as I wanted to. But, I can carry Montana in my pocket until the day I get to lay eyes on it for real.

I want my hopes and desires to be the same as that of my Lord.  If you stop and listen closely, you will hear His still small voice.  He will let you know clearly if your desires are the same as His.  If they're not, He will let you know.  You will know deep down in the corners of your heart if it is His desire or not...


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