What beautiful days...

I can hardly believe it's November! This week has been in the 70's and I am just LOVING it! :)  Next week looks cold though, but it is November after all. :)  The captain will probably be laid off the end of this week for the winter.  A lot sooner than usual.  Usually he is laid off in December sometime.  It may be a long winter. ;)

I have to go see the doc today about the blood clot in my arm to make sure there isn't anything else I should be doing and to see when on earth it will get better.  It is painful.

I am thankful for a God who takes care of us.  He doesn't always heal our physical pain.  But, He gives comfort to us while we are hurting.  He can mend our emotional pain using others to give us a word of encouragement.  I know the holidays are coming around and that can be hard for some people, and yes for me.  There are people you want to speak to or hear from that you just can't for whatever reason.  For those times, hopefully we have made it clear our love for them. We take a piece of everyone who has influenced our lives and carry it with us the rest of our lives.  What sort of piece are you leaving for someone to carry with them?  I pray I am leaving loving, godly pieces with the ones I love...

*update* The blood clot in my arm may take another 4 weeks to get better, but I am doing everything I am supposed to with it.  Just have to be patient. ;)


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