Remember Lot's wife!

What kind of wife do we want to be?  One who is submissive and encouraging to her husband or one who is disobedient and tears him down?

There are several examples God gives us in the bible of women who were not submissive.  First, Lot's wife was not obedient.  Her husband tried to protect her and take her out of the city, but she would not submit to the Lord and listen to His direction to not look back.  It cost her her life....Remember Lot's wife...

There is Michal, David's wife, who made fun of him for dancing/celebrating before the Lord and she despised him in her heart.  She discouraged him.  She had no children to the day of her death. 2 Samuel 6:16-23

There is Jezebel who killed the Lord's prophets.  She was Ahab's wife and was a very demanding one. 1 Kings 21:25  She was very haughty.

Then there is Vashti who was also disobedient and her royal position was taken from her and given to Esther.

We are not to be like these women.  We are to be God honoring, submissive to our husband and to the Lord.  We are blessed when we are.  I can love my husband in his weakness and I can understand him in his weakness.  I can encourage him to be the man God has created him to be.  I can encourage him to want to be the husband and leader he was meant to be...or I can destroy him with my actions and words.  I can tear him down and cause him to flee from his responsibility as a husband.  Is your husband present?  Is he drowning himself in work?  Is he there emotionally?  Or is he ever present leading your family as God would have him to be.  When he is at work, is his mind on home?  Does he find ways to bless you because he can't help but want to for you are being a wife he desires?

A woman needs to have a submissive spirit that will bless her husband's vision.  Wives, we have a mission.  That is to bless our husband, show him love, encourage him, make him feel like the man that he is, and let him know that we follow him as our spiritual head here on earth.  Our actions need to reflect this...Do it and see the amazing things God is going to do in both your lives. :)


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