A good day!

A good day!

Friday, December 3, 2010


This is a wonderful time of year...I love "hibernating" at home by the woodstove and relaxing with the captain and Hunter.  We recently decorated the house and tree and couldn't help but be reminded of this time last year.  Hunter talked about "dad" today and how they came over and celebrated Christmas with us with a meal and we used our good china.  It was a good time...Made a good memory.  But, there is an ache behind that memory.  Not being able to celebrate this year with them and not being able to see him and wish him Merry Christmas. I sure miss him.  I hope he is well...

It will take me years to shake the ache in my heart during this time of year.  But, even so, I am content with remembering the good that God allowed during this season last year. It's amazing how quickly a bond can form as if it was always there.  When it's broken, it's hurts all the more.

I will continue to grow in Him and learn from all the experiences in my life.  God is good and I trust Him.  That allows me to be a little more at peace with my circumstances.  He is the One who has brought about my circumstances. :)

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