Good morning...

 This post is really just a hodge podge of stuff today...I've been pretty tired lately, I believe from my shortness of breath. (still waiting for final test results) So bear with me. ;)

It's a gloomy day here in central Illinois...but, there is sunshine in my heart. :)  It's cold outside, but it's warm in the house.

I am hoping to get the chicken coop cleaned later today...when it "warms" up. ;)  It's not my favorite thing to do in the winter, but it needs to be done.

My husband stayed up late last night to keep the fire going in the woodstove.  When he came to bed, he woke me up to tell me how much he loves me and appreciates me.  He said it was neat to him to see God work even in the beginning of our relationship.  We were not Christians then and he is in awe of how God blessed him with a godly wife anyway.  God can do great things! :)  And He does. That is truly a blessing I don't take for granted...

This year has started out painful, but I am reminded that even so, it is peaceful with Him by our side.  I have more opportunities to practice contentment.  I have more opportunities to speak truth to myself and family and not listen to the whispers of the evil one.  John 8:32.  I have the opportunity enjoy freedom.  Whether I continue in that freedom or slip back into bondage is a choice I have to make.  I choose freedom! 

I pray everyone enjoys their day...knowing that love that is given continuously or occasionally, continues on forever.  It continues on forever in the heart of those who receive it.  It cannot be taken.  It sticks to their bones like a good hearty meal.  It builds them up.  It never disappears.  It can't.  After all, God is love....


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