My husband is leaving next week for Haiti again.  I'm really gonna miss him.  He is looking forward to doing work there and seeing people he hasn't seen for a while.  I am praying for him before he goes and while he is there.  Will you join me?  I am praying that God will use him in whatever way necessary while there, that God will do a great work there in Haiti, for his protection from disease, that God will bless his heart, and that he will be an encouragement to the Haitians.  Pray for us while we stay behind.  It is hard to be without him.  I will try to busy myself with things around the house, like finally get my quilt done, and get some rest in so I can be refreshed for when he returns.  I am hoping to someday, if the Lord wills, to go to Haiti with him.  But, only God knows if that will be possible or necessary. :)

Yesterday I went to the doctor to officially find out about my pulmonary function tests.  Good news...it's is not COPD, which I was in great relief of.  It is Asthma. I was prescribed a steroid inhaler to reduce the inflammation of the lung tissue and to get my breathing under control.  I am very excited to be able to breathe again. :)  This morning marks my first dose and by 4 weeks I should be getting back to normal (whatever that is lol)  It seems the rest of my issues (Myasthenia Gravis, Celiac) are stable and I'm feeling pretty good. :)  Praying that that stays the case for the rest of the year.  I want to focus on other things than my health and being in pain all the time. :)

It's a rainy morning here, but the temperatures are mild so I won't complain. :)  After all, we can't just have sunshine all the time or we would dry up and wither away.  A little rain in our life is good.  But, after so much rain, I'm ready for some sunshine. ;)

I pray each of you continue to listen to that still small voice.  God is speaking and working.  Stay connected. :)


  1. Oh yes I will join you in prayer for your husbands upcoming trip! I am happy to know you are doing well and thanks for visiting my blog writings these days.


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