More soap and a recipe...

This is the Lemon Poppy Seed.  It has a light lemony scent that smells delicious. :)

This is the Oatmeal Cookie and it smells heavenly. :)  I can't wait for these to be ready to use!

Here is the recipe I use....

Cold Process Coconut Oil Soap
16.9 oz distilled water
6.9 oz lye
24 oz vegetable shortening (soy and cottonseed oils)
16 oz coconut oil
8 oz olive oil
whatever fragrance you want (I use only natural fragrance and essential oils)
If you are already making soap, you should know what to do with these ingredients. :)

I had a rough day yesterday and I would appreciate your prayers.  It started with a migraine (from tension) and it's still here this morning. :(  I smashed my thumb bloody getting firewood.  My brother called me drunk and cussed me out for 2 hours.  (I just couldn't hang up)  I am missing my husband.  I'm hoping today is a better day...


  1. So sorry to hear of those troubles. I would have taken that phone right out of your dear hand and hung up on your darn brother for you - that's what I know for sure! Being lonesome is one thing but being under attack when you are alone is something else. I pray God will provide tender protection and grace for you today.

  2. I appreciate that...I didn't have the heart to hang up. He needed to let off steam and I just happened to be the one he wanted to bash. I appreciate the prayers very much.

  3. I know all about those sorts of day, they can be so sad and depressing, but always look up, as God is waiting to hear your cries and to hold you tenderly. Don't listen to others in you husbands absent, only to Gods tender voice. May the next few days bring more joy and less bleakness and may your finger heal.

  4. Thanks, Jo. Today has been a better day. :) Haven't got to talk to my husband yet today, but the internet in Haiti is quirky at the least. We can only talk through skype. I will take your advice and quiet down my mind and listen for His still small voice...


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