A must read!

This book is a great read.  In delves into the lives of men and let's us peek into what they are really thinking.  The author is a Christian woman who went out and surveyed a lot of different men and wrote a book about it. To me it was a cross between Created to be his Helpmeet by Debbie Pearl and Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. As you read it, you feel as if you are just chatting with the author.  It is an easy read and not so complicated to where you can't retain the material.  I highly recommend it...

A peek inside...

Ch 1--Lightbulb On! How I woke up to what I didn't know about men
Ch 2--Your love is not enough.  Why your respect means more to him than even your affection
Ch3--The performance of a lifetime. Why your Mr. Smooth looks so impressive but feels like an imposter
Ch4--The lonliest burden--How his need to provide weighs your man down, and why he likes it that way
Ch5--Sex changes everything. Why sex unlocks a man's emotions
Ch6--Keeper of the visual rolodex.  Why it's so natural for him to look and so hard to forget what he's seen
Ch7--Chocolate, flowers, bait fishing. Why the reluctant clod you know really does want romance
Ch8--The truth about the way you look. Why what's on the outside matters to him on the inside
Ch9--Words for your heart. What your man most wishes you knew about him

If these chapters have grabbed your interest, I suggest you get this book and give it a read.  I learned some new things and appreciated the honesty of the men she surveyed.  It really did help me understand the captain a whole lot more.


  1. Thanks for the great book idea! I will see about getting this someday.


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