A good day!

A good day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Power is developed by resistance...

The moment we get anything from the Lord worth contending for, then the devil comes to seek us.

When the enemy meets us at the threshold of any great work for God, let us accept it as "a token of salvation," and claim double blessing, victory, and power. Power is developed by resistance. The cannon carries twice as far because the exploding power has to find its way through resistance. The way electricity is produced in the powerhouse yonder is by the sharp friction of the revolving wheels. And so we shall find some day that even satan has been one of God's agencies of blessing. --Days of Heaven upon Earth

It seems when anything is godly in our lives, satan wishes to remove it.  But, because it is godly, it is worth the resistance.  As the above says, we should consider that satan can be one of God's agencies of blessing...so if you feel as though you are facing much resistance, you may be headed in the right direction...facing satan head on...

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