Winter wonderland...

Woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. :)  I love seeing fresh snow without any animal tracks in it.  Eventually, it's neat to see the animal tracks and to realize just how much "traffic" comes through your property. :)

I slept much better last night, which felt really good.  Hard work makes for good sleep as they say.  I should be hearing back from the doctor's office today.  I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say and seeing what the next step is...I just want to feel better and I think when my breathing becomes normal, I will.

Today would be a good day to stay home and be cozy, but the captain is taking me into town today for groceries.  We simply ran out of time yesterday.  Hunter has loaded the wood rack and the house has been staying nice and warm.  Ah, that word load...tis a good word. ;)

In closing, can I encourage you to bless your husband today?  Ponder all the things he has sacrificed for your family.  Think on all the hard work he puts his body and mind through to provide for your family.  Let him know how much you appreciate him.  Do something special for him.  Your encouraging words can give him fuel to go out and conquer the world for you.  It keeps him going.  It makes him want to keep going in his daily conquest.  We as wives hold a lot of power in our words and actions.  Are we going to use that power to tear down or build up our men.  Me?  I'm going to build up my man to help him be the man God created him to be.  It does my heart good to see my husband "strut" around with a smile on his face because of the choice I made to encourage and bless him...which do you choose?


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