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I just don't understand...

And maybe I'm not meant to.  I just don't understand the cruelty and cowardliness of some people.  How can someone who calls themselves a christian purposely try to hurt others?  How can they speak venom about things they know not what they are talking about?  Cruelty from a christian is unbiblical and should never be present in their life, not if Jesus is their Lord.

The love of a dad can never be taken away. It's stays with you in your heart forever.  No matter what.  Even if your dad doesn't love you anymore, your love stays. The influence and memories made become a part of you. It's just the way it is.

I am so thankful that God is the Lord in my life.  He is my Father in heaven. His love never fails and always stays no matter what.  I am so thankful that my family doesn't have to see cruelty in our family.  Many lessons have been learned from several opportunities.  We love each other and care for each other.  That's what family does. :)  I am excited a…

Thinking of spring...

I can't wait for the grass to green up, buds to form on the trees, to hear baby birds peeping in their nest, MORE sunshine, etc.  This winter just seems to have been a long, hard one for us.  There has been very little sunshine this winter.  It's been mostly gloomy.  I could never live in Washington or Oregon. Lord have mercy, I need sunshine. And I'm not one to pray for sunshine and then curse it when it comes. :)  I love it even if that means it gets hot out.  I can always find shade. ;)

This week I will be making more soap.  I will be making Lemon Poppy Seed and Lavender Chamomile. I really enjoy soap making.  It's really nice to have a product you made yourself that is all natural and good for your skin.

I've been thinking about God's grace lately.  How we look at others and how we respond to them.  I am wanting to be more graceful towards people, especially those I don't know.

"His grace is great enough to meet the great things-
The crashing waves …

Hard times...

I miss my dad...the one that was killed 5 yrs ago this year and the one who wanted to be one and can't.  I held a seminar today about the benefits of herbs and how to prevent colds and flu naturally.  It would have been nice to talk to him about it and how I was nervous at first, but then the excitement came and I was able to articulate what my passion was.  I know this is how it is, I had no control over my dad being killed and losing the great relationship of the other (neither one of our choice--long story), but gosh it's hard.  Some days I just get to thinkin' about him more. 

I miss him...period.  Neither one are forgotten...

Shut up to faith...

"Shut up to faith" (Gal. 3:23).

God, in olden time suffered man to be kept in ward by the law that he might learn the more excellent way of faith. For by the law he would see God's holy standard and by the law he would see his own utter helplessness; then he would be glad to learn God's way of faith.

God still shuts us up to faith. Our natures, our circumstances, trials, disappointments, all serve to shut us up and keep us in ward till we see that the only way out is God's way of faith. Moses tried by self-effort, by personal influence, even by violence, to bring about the deliverance of his people. God had to shut him up forty years in the wilderness before he was prepared for God's work.

Paul and Silas were bidden of God to preach the Gospel in Europe. They landed and proceeded to Philippi. They were flogged, they were shut up in prison, their feet were put fast in the stocks. They were shut up to faith. They trusted God. They sang praises to Him…

The blessing of the lion...

"And there came a lion" (1 Sam. 17:34).

It is a source of inspiration and strength to come in touch with the youthful David, trusting God. Through faith in God he conquered a lion and a bear, and afterwards overthrew the mighty Goliath. When that lion came to despoil that flock, it came as a wondrous opportunity to David. If he had failed or faltered he would have missed God's opportunity for him and probably would never have come to be God's chosen king of Israel. "And there came a lion."

One would not think that a lion was a special blessing from God; one would think that only an occasion of alarm. The lion was God's opportunity in disguise. Every difficulty that presents itself to us, if we receive it in the right way, is God's opportunity. Every temptation that comes is God's opportunity.

When the "lion" comes, recognize it as God's opportunity no matter how rough the…

100% Natural Homemade Berry Lemonade Lip Balm...

I have a new lip balm out and it's wonderful. :)  It takes me back to my childhood and lemonade stands. :)  It has a lemonade scent blended with berries for a fresh, summery scent.  It has become one of my favorites. :)

I also have homemade all natural soap available for purchase and other lip balms such as Wild Strawberry, Summer Honey, and Cool Peppermint.  You can find them on my website.  Go take a look. :) I am Paypal Verified.

Mothers the world needs...

"Mothers with courage; mothers who pray,
These are the kind the world needs today.
Mother who think, who study and plan;
Mothers who laugh as much as they can,
Having the gift that is better than money--
The habit of seeing that some things are funny.
Mothers whose faith never wavers or falters;
Mothers whose spirits the world never alters;
Loving the right and scorning the wrong;
Facing the problems of life with a song.
Mothers whose bravery transcends their fears;

Winning the battle with patience and tears;
Never submitting to weakness or sin---
Storming heaven's gates till the children are in.
Mothers heroic, not guilty of whining; Hands graced with service and faces with shining.
Mothers of purity, virtue and faith,
Steadfast in life and triumphant in death;
Looking beyond the dark pathway of sorrow,
Seeking a home in God's joyous tomorrow,
Leading the children; pointing the way---
These are the mothers, the world needs today!
-Kathryn Blackburn Peck ~From a Wise Woman …

Rainy day...

It's been raining here since sometime last night...the temperatures are supposed to drop a bit tonight.  Ugh.  I was just getting used to some of the warmer days.  I don't much like rain when the ground is already very saturated and it makes the walk to the chicken coop horrible.  But, I know we need rain and every day cannot always be sunny.

Going to be busy today.  I have to volunteer at the church, then the captain has a doctor's appt, and I have to ship an order out.  I'm going to the grocery store after that.  Then home to cook some supper.  Not sure what to have this week, but I need to get my menu made. 

The great Husbandman is not always threshing. Trial is only for a season. The showers soon pass. Weeping may tarry only for the few hours of the short summer night; it must be gone at daybreak. Our light affliction is but for a moment. Trial is for a purpose, "If needs be." ~Streams in the Desert

The beauty of self-control...

We all struggle with self control on many different levels,
many especially with anger. JR Miller had some thoughts on this:

There are men who rule other men and cannot rule themselves.
They are victorious in battle, but they cannot control their own temper, restrain their own speech, or hold in calm quiet their own spirits.
There is nothing beautiful in such a life. Nothing more effectually mars a life than fretfulness, discontent, worry, impatience. Nothing is more pitiful than a life made to be strong, kingly, noble, calm, peaceful, but which is, instead, the play of every excitement, every temper, every resentment, every appetite and passion.

Someone says, “Alexander conquered all the world, except — Alexander.”
Not only is self control strong — it is also beautiful.
Anger is not beautiful. Ungoverned temper is not lovely.
 Rage is demonic.
But a spirit calm, strong, and unflustered, amid storms of feeling and all manner of disturbing emotions,
is sublime in its beauty.

Good morning...

I slept in a bit this morning, which was much needed.  Last night, I did the safety lesson for the 4-H shooting sports.  It went well, but I was done in 1/2 hour. :)  We have a good group of kids and look forward to the next meeting where they will get to shoot. The ages range from 3rd grade to junior in high school. 

Not doing much today.  I'd like to rest.  I may work on some labels for my soap.  They are almost ready to sell.  Feb 23rd they will be ready.  You can check them out at my website
There are several pages of it you can check out including a FAQ's page. :)

I will end with some encouragement. If Joseph had not been Egypt's prisoner, he had never been Egypt's governor. The iron chain about his feet ushered in the golden chain about his neck. ~Streams in the Desert

Up and at 'em...

Got some cleaning to do this morning.  Ryan is having company over and doesn't like anyone over if the house isn't just right.  I have some baking to do today, also.  Finally got some more gluten free flour the other day so I can accomplish that task. :) 

The chicken coop is all cleaned, which was a tough task to do yesterday.  The mud was awful and trying to get the wheelbarrow through the slop proved to be difficult.  I ended up recruiting Hunter for help.  We got it done together.  It was nice seeing the chickens run around the yard again.  Can't wait for green grass so they can enjoy eating that again.

Working on labels for my soap.  I will need to get some more paper and trying to decide just which color I want to do.  I have one in mind, but not sure if they sell that color.  I will have to check.  The soap will be ready in a week and I need to have them all labeled.  Fun stuff. :)

We went shopping last night for a local soup kitchen here in town.  It is our turn Sun…

Some encouragement...

Extraordinary afflictions are not always the punishment of extraordinary sins, but sometimes the trial of extraordinary graces. God hath many sharp-cutting instruments, and rough files for the polishing of His jewels; and those He especially loves, and means to make the most resplendent, He hath oftenest His tools upon. --Archbishop Leighton

Hang in are not forgotten.


I am enjoying the sunshine heart feels kinda gloomy and the sunshine helps.  When I see the sunshine, I think of the warm spring and summer that we will get to enjoy outside.  This spring and summer we will get to eat outside at a picnic table that was given to us by a dearly loved one.  We can think of the good season that God has blessed us with with him.  The season we got to spend with him was very special.  We learned so much about love and we learned more about life and trials and blessings through suffering. We have become stronger Christians for it.  Now that that season is over, I will carry the good memories with me in my heart.  No one can take my memories from me and the goodness that God intended. I know the pain will lessen as time goes by, but the love imprinted on our lives will never lessen.

I have to clean the chicken coop out today.  It's finally nice enough to get out there.  I know they will appreciate a clean coop. :)  They finally started laying s…

Repercussions of sin...

When the frosts are in the valley,
And the mountain tops are grey,
And the choicest buds are blighted,
And the blossoms die away,
A loving Father whispers,
"This cometh from my hand";
Blessed are ye if ye trust
Where ye cannot understand.
~Streams in the Desert

There are many things that happen in our life that we cannot understand.  Another person who sins against us with no care, wonderful relationships that are broken, pain that is inflicted because of selfishness...all these things are repercussions of sin.  One person's sin can ripple into so many others lives.  What I've come to realize is that in all things there is a purpose.  God doesn't waste a hurt.  Even when we are bombarded by the storms of life, we can still grow and flourish under His care.  God doesn't forget our pain or the good we have done.  And in the end, There is a day.  2 Corinthians 4:17 What was once broken, will be put back together again in Glory.

The greatest pains...

"As many as I love I rebuke and chasten" (Rev. 3:19).

God takes the most eminent and choicest of His servants for the choicest and most eminent afflictions. They who have received most grace from God are able to bear most afflictions from God. Affliction does not hit the saint by chance, but by direction. God does not draw His bow at a venture. Every one of His arrows goes upon a special errand and touches no breast but his against whom it is sent. It is not only the grace, but the glory of a believer when we can stand and take affliction quietly. --Joseph Caryl

If all my days were sunny, could I say,
"In His fair land He wipes all tears away"?

If I were never weary, could I keep
Close to my heart, "He gives His loved ones sleep"?

Were no graves mine, might I not come to deem
The Life Eternal but a baseless dream?

My winter, and my tears, and weariness,
Even my graves, may be His way to bless.

I call them ills; …

New Lip Balms...

New Lip Balms available...Cool Peppermint and Summer Honey.  These are all natural. :)
You can find them here...


According to the recent poll on my blog, most of you ladies are either trying to be submissive to your husbands or are already doing this on a daily basis.  Way to go! :)  In our society today, it can a difficult task.  Women who don't understand biblical submission swear we are ruining what they fought so hard to accomplish...individualism.  They feel like they don't need to rely on their husband.  But, that is not how it was set up to be.  We were created to be a helper suitable for our husband.  And his role was to be our leader, provider, and protector.  From the beginning, we were supposed to be under the protection and leadership of our husbands.  Eve allowed sin to distract her from the leadership and protection of Adam.  She stepped out from under that umbrella.  We all know what happened after that...

It is a blessing when our husbands are godly.  We can put our trust in Him who created our husbands to be our leader, provider, and protector.  We can trust that our h…

Coconut and Chicken Curry Soup...and other things

The picture is not the greatest, but it was delicious!  It is naturally gluten free and tastes even better the next day...give it a try. :)

3 whole Chicken Breasts, Cut Into Bite Sized Chunks (I used chicken tenders cut up)½ whole Large Onion Chopped Fine1 Tablespoon Grated Fresh Ginger1-½ cup Chicken Broth1 can (14 Oz. Can) Unsweetened Coconut Milk, Full Fat2 teaspoons Curry Powder (you could use more, it needed a least another tsp)1 whole Jalapeno, Seeded And Minced (I omitted this)1 whole Small Green Bell Pepper, Sliced Thin (use whatever bell pepper you have, I used yellow)½ cups Chopped Fresh Cilantro Plus Extra For Garnish2 Tablespoons Lime Juice (I only used one) Salt And PepperCooked rice Brown your chicken after seasoning it with salt and pepper and remove from pan.  Add in your onion and saute.  Return chicken to pan and add ginger.  Stir around a bit.  Then add in the chicken stock, coconut milk, curry, and jalapeno if you are using it.  Let come to simmer and then a…

I need some sunshine...

It must be the February "blues" or something.  Every morning it is just blah outside.  No green in sight.  Just WHITE and BROWN. :(  I hate to rush seasons, but I sure could use spring.  I can't wait for the new life to spring forth.  Green shoots sprouting out of the ground, the sound of baby birds chirping, the fresh smell of spring, and the SUNSHINE. :)

I am very thankful for our woodstove that keeps the house warm and cozy.  If we didn't have it, it would be miserable.  I have worked hard on keeping a sunshiny attitude amidst this cold, grey, dreary weather. :)  It's been hard, but I think I've done a pretty good job.

I may sit down today and dream up our garden for the Spring.  We are going to do raised beds this year and do about 3 or 4 and expand it every year.  It should be easier for me to take care of. :) 

I pray you all are doing well in this last stretch of winter. :)  I don't know about you, but all this hibernation has caused me to think abo…

Trust amid the silence...

"He answered her not a word" (Matt. 15:23).

"He will be silent in his love" (Zeph. 3:17).

It may be a child of God is reading these words who has had some great crushing sorrow, some bitter disappointment, some heart-breaking blow from a totally unexpected quarter. You are longing for your Master's voice bidding you "Be of good cheer," but only silence and a sense of mystery and misery meet you --"He answered her not a word."

God's tender heart must often ache listening to all the sad, complaining cries which arise from our weak, impatient hearts, because we do not see that for our own sakes He answers not at all or otherwise than seems best to our tear-blinded, short-sighted eyes.

The silences of Jesus are as eloquent as His speech and may be a sign, not of His disapproval, but of His approval and of a deep purpose of blessing for you.

"Why art thou cast down, O?soul?" Tho…

A mother's hand...

In the above portrait, there are three generations--a grandmother, mother and child.

I wanted to share some lovely quotes on the influence we have as mother's to remind ourselves as we begin our week: 
A Mother's Hand
There is more power in a mother's hand than in a king's scepter.
--Billy Sunday
A Mother's Song
What a mother sings to the cradle goes all the way down to the coffin.
-Henry Ward Beecher
A Mother's Knee
Education commences at the mother's knee,  and every word spoken within hearsay of little children tends toward the formation of character. 
-Hosea Ballou

The job at hand is enormous, but we must seek God as our guide through every mountain top
and every valley as we raise our children.

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."                                                                         Galatians 6:9     ~From A Wise Woman Builds Her Home~
A mother has such a…

Fear not...

Fear not, Christian; Jesus is with thee. In all thy fiery trials, His presence is both thy comfort and safety. He will never leave one whom He has chosen for His own. "Fear not, for I am with thee," is His sure word of promise to His chosen ones in "the furnace of affliction."
--C. H. Spurgeon

God's wind...

"I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth" (Isa. 58:14).

Those who fly through the air in airships tell us that one of the first rules they learn is to turn their ship toward the wind, and fly against it. The wind lifts the ship up to higher heights. Where did they learn that? They learned it from the birds. If a bird is flying for pleasure, it goes with the wind. But if the bird meets danger, it turns right around and faces the wind, in order that it may rise higher; and it flies away towards the very sun.

Sufferings are God's winds, His contrary winds, sometimes His strong winds. They are God's hurricanes, but, they take human life and lift it to higher levels and toward God's heavens.

You have seen in the summer time a day when the atmosphere was so oppressive that you could hardly breathe? But a cloud appeared on the western horizon and that cloud grew larger and threw out ri…

Odor grabber soap...

This soap is made with coffee which is a natural odor eliminator.  It is great to use to rid kitchen odors off your hands such as garlic or onions.  It's also great if you are simply a coffee lover. ;)  It smells like fresh brewed coffee. :)  These will be ready Feb 30th.

I also made lip balm.  This is an all natural lip balm that leaves your lips smooth and soft.  This is Wild Strawberry. :)

I hope everyone has a great day!  I'm praying the captain gets to come home today!  I won't know for sure until later.  Also, I could use your prayers.  I am the rifle instructor for 4-H and our first meeting is tonight.  Please pray for calm nerves. ;)

Shoveling out...

We got a lot of snow the last couple days. :)  The downside was we lost our internet service during that time.  Sorry for the slow response to posting comments. The internet is back now and I'm praying it stays.  I didn't get to talk to the captain for 20 hours. :(  But, I did talk to him today after he got back into the states.  He is now in Miami and waiting to see if he will be able to fly back home tomorrow. I pray he is.  I miss him so.  He texted me and told me he got to eat at a nice Italian restaurant there in Miami...oh ya, I was jealous. ;)

Hunter went out and played in the huge snow drifts today...It was quite a sight.  I love watching him play and have fun.  I made some coffee soap yesterday during the storm.  It is known to be good for removing kitchen odors from your hands.  I will post a picture tomorrow if I can...

I pray everyone is nice and cozy in their homes as I am.  The wood has lasted and we are warm. :)  The captain will cut more when he returns home.  …


We are now under a blizzard warning with snow up to 12 to 16 inches.  People are talking about it like it's the storm of the century...

With the captain gone during such times, I couldn't help but feel a bit anxious yesterday as I was preparing.  This ole fashioned girl will do just fine, but I couldn't help think about the "what if's"...What if we run out of wood (we are running low but I think we will have enough for this week)  What if I don't have enough food? (We do)  What if one of us has an injury? (Depending on the injury or if one of us gets sick, I'm perfectly capable of treating it)  So, I stopped those "what if" thoughts and rested in the fact that God has my back.  He knows my husband is away in Haiti, that's no surprise to Him.  I know He will take care of us. 

I am praying that the food for the chickens lasts...I wasn't able to get to the feed store to get some more chicken feed.  They went through it fast because the…