We are now under a blizzard warning with snow up to 12 to 16 inches.  People are talking about it like it's the storm of the century...

With the captain gone during such times, I couldn't help but feel a bit anxious yesterday as I was preparing.  This ole fashioned girl will do just fine, but I couldn't help think about the "what if's"...What if we run out of wood (we are running low but I think we will have enough for this week)  What if I don't have enough food? (We do)  What if one of us has an injury? (Depending on the injury or if one of us gets sick, I'm perfectly capable of treating it)  So, I stopped those "what if" thoughts and rested in the fact that God has my back.  He knows my husband is away in Haiti, that's no surprise to Him.  I know He will take care of us. 

I am praying that the food for the chickens lasts...I wasn't able to get to the feed store to get some more chicken feed.  They went through it fast because they have been cooped up because of the weather.  No grass for them to eat this time of year. :(

If our power stays on, I will be baking and making soap and lip balm today.  Hunter will probably go up the road to play with a friend.

Hope everyone stays safe if you are in the path of this weather.  Hunkering down for a couple days...sifting through was God is speaking to me about.  He is giving me time to make sure I'm hearing Him right. :)


  1. Sounds like you are going to have some really bad weather. I hope your family has plenty of wood,to see you through the snowy time. I am passing the stylish blogger award to you. I enjoy your blog,and personaly think you deserve this honor. Just go to my blog read and get your award, congrats Blessings jane

  2. My brother lives in Denver and he is getting snowed in. But while you are having these blizzards, Australia is about to be hit by the biggest cyclone ever seen in the last 100 years. Yasi is huge ( like Katrina) and will hit the north coast of Queensland at midnight. I live several 1000kms away so in no danger, but will get the rain in a few days from the cyclone as it moves in land.

    Praying for all those who in currently living in dangerous weather conditions.

  3. Sorry took so long to respond. :) Our internet is in and out from the storm. We are ok and warm :) Thank you for the blog award. :)
    Jo, praying for your country.


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