Odor grabber soap...

This soap is made with coffee which is a natural odor eliminator.  It is great to use to rid kitchen odors off your hands such as garlic or onions.  It's also great if you are simply a coffee lover. ;)  It smells like fresh brewed coffee. :)  These will be ready Feb 30th.

I also made lip balm.  This is an all natural lip balm that leaves your lips smooth and soft.  This is Wild Strawberry. :)

I hope everyone has a great day!  I'm praying the captain gets to come home today!  I won't know for sure until later.  Also, I could use your prayers.  I am the rifle instructor for 4-H and our first meeting is tonight.  Please pray for calm nerves. ;)


  1. Calm nerves with a rifle in your hands is good. :)
    Coffee soap - I'd never been cleaning anything because I'd be sniffing the soap all day! Hee...

  2. 4-H canceled tonight due to weather. :) I am only nervous about speaking in front of them. Our first meeting is a safety meeting. I will not be nervous once we start the shooting part and at first it's only air rifles. :)

  3. I love the smell of coffee, however I don't drink it. The lip balm looks very interesting, that is something that would be very useful to make as I use lip balm all the time. Prayers.


  4. How do you make the homemade lip balm?

  5. You can find several recipes online...I use a blend of oils from a wholesale supply place. You just melt the oils and add your fragrance (flavor) and pour into tubes or pots. I would google it to find a recipe you would like :)


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