Rainy day...

It's been raining here since sometime last night...the temperatures are supposed to drop a bit tonight.  Ugh.  I was just getting used to some of the warmer days.  I don't much like rain when the ground is already very saturated and it makes the walk to the chicken coop horrible.  But, I know we need rain and every day cannot always be sunny.

Going to be busy today.  I have to volunteer at the church, then the captain has a doctor's appt, and I have to ship an order out.  I'm going to the grocery store after that.  Then home to cook some supper.  Not sure what to have this week, but I need to get my menu made. 

The great Husbandman is not always threshing. Trial is only for a season. The showers soon pass. Weeping may tarry only for the few hours of the short summer night; it must be gone at daybreak. Our light affliction is but for a moment. Trial is for a purpose, "If needs be." ~Streams in the Desert


  1. Sounds like you need to make some comfort food this week with the weather the way it is!! When the weather is like that here, I always bake some bread, and make some soup or chili that can go a long way! or maybe some stew!

  2. You are right! Making comfort food this week and going to enjoy the woodstove a little more. :)

  3. I love rain, but I know what you mean when you have had too much and need to do things that will involve getting wet.

    We are meant to be enjoying summer, but for the first time I can remember, summer hasn't really arrive this year, it was been very mild and today felt like autumn. We have heaps of rain and cold nights. Strange.


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