I am enjoying the sunshine heart feels kinda gloomy and the sunshine helps.  When I see the sunshine, I think of the warm spring and summer that we will get to enjoy outside.  This spring and summer we will get to eat outside at a picnic table that was given to us by a dearly loved one.  We can think of the good season that God has blessed us with with him.  The season we got to spend with him was very special.  We learned so much about love and we learned more about life and trials and blessings through suffering. We have become stronger Christians for it.  Now that that season is over, I will carry the good memories with me in my heart.  No one can take my memories from me and the goodness that God intended. I know the pain will lessen as time goes by, but the love imprinted on our lives will never lessen.

I have to clean the chicken coop out today.  It's finally nice enough to get out there.  I know they will appreciate a clean coop. :)  They finally started laying some more again now that the weather is milder.  The captain is going to go cut wood today.  It's going to be a sloppy mess. Glad I don't have to do it. ;) 

Even though it's a rough time in our lives right now, I know God is always there.  I can speak that truth knowing He never wastes a hurt and never forsakes us.  We will heal from the hurt our family has faced in losing a wonderful relationship because of someone's selfishness and sin, but it will take time of course.  But, God has prepared us for times such as this.  Now we need to apply what He has taught us...


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