I got a new hairdo I suppose you could say.  I got 4in cut off and this is what it looks like now.  I usually wear my hair up in the front with a barrette, but the captain prefers me to wear it like this now.  I really dislike having my picture taken and now that my son took this picture, I realize I have a crooked smile.  I have a bit of an "Elvis" smile. I tend to curl the left side of my mouth more than the right. lol...

God is calling our family into some sort of ministry and we covet your prayers on direction in this.  Church planting and/or missions has come up, but we need to have a clear focus as to His will.  God is stirring something, but we aren't sure exactly what that will be.  I do know that my main focus will be supporting and taking care of my husband as he fulfills God's call in his/our life.  God has called me to be a helpmeet no matter what my husband does. :)

I will be busy this week making new soaps and I will post pics of them when I get them cut. :)  I'm excited about these new ones.  I can't wait until I can try them!

There may be some changes happening in our life, but there are some things that will never change...I thank God for those things...


  1. I'm sure whatever god calls your husband to do he, and you will be able to perform it. I like your new hairdo. Blessings jane


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