Comfort food...

This to me is comfort food. :)  It reminds me of my grandma (whom I haven't seen since I was a child)  We would visit them up in the woods of Wisconsin where they lived.  They lived deep in the woods.  I loved it there...In the summer, my grandma would pick berries for us to have for breakfast.  It was such a special treat to have berries-n-cream.  Topped with sugar it was so wonderful. Even though I haven't seen her since I was a child (she is my dad's mom) eating berries-n-cream brings back good memories of that time.  Funny how food can do that. :)  To this day, the smell of dill takes me back to those good times in the woods and my grandma.  She had a cellar and she would can pickles and the cellar smelled like dill. :)  I loved it down there...


  1. It sounds like a wonderful memory.
    I was not close to my father's mother either~ but I tried,
    I like you cherish the memories I do have,

  2. That sounds wonderful. When I was a child my dad had milking cows and he would bring in the warm milk and pour it over our cereal - it was straight from the cow to the bowl. From the milk he would make cream, nothing like the cream you buy in the shops - this was "real" cream. I wish my children had experienced these things, but sadly the farm was sold and my dad retired no long after my eldest son was born.

  3. You made my heart skip a beat...I so understand!


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